2 Easy-to-Use Free Auto Repair Shop Management Software

Working hard to develop your auto repair shop is a must, but controlling over the business is also important. Management software then becomes a solution in this kind of situation. It is very rare to get free auto repair shop management software since that is available to purchase. This article has selected two sorts of shop management software that you can use for you auto repair shop. Of course, it is for free.

2 Easy-to-Use Free Auto Repair Shop Management Software
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AutoSoft Online – Auto Repair Shop Management Software

The main features of AutoSoft Online are the easiness and complete tools. Those features allow you to give your full control over your business.

You will be provided with graphic tool menu and a sidebar enabling you to get a complete access to the entire program’s options and tools. Those allow you to manage your customers, orders, vendors, purchases, invoices, sales and also some other activities in your auto repair shop.

You will be able to manage the entire modules in this software in separate windows. Whenever you want to submit reports regarding with pending estimates, vehicle history, inventory listing or even invoicing summary, AutoSoft Online will help to do this.

This free auto repair shop management software is available for download. There are some websites providing link download in case you want to use AutoSoft Online Standard 1.0.0 for your auto repair shop.

However, even though this software looks promising to use with all necessary tools allowing you to manage your shop, AutoSoft Online possibly becomes slightly unstable. You likely find it when you do apply to manage your shop in a long period.

SMOTGO – Auto Repair Shop Management Software

In case you are reluctant to install software on your PC, why don’t you choose SMOTGO, free-to-use software that features easy usage and no-install or update is necessary? SMOTGO is one of the solutions for auto repair shop owners that have no sufficient budget to buy software to manage their shops.

Since it does not need installation or update, in short, SMOTGO is a sort of Online / Cloud Solution or a Web App that is specifically purposed for shop management. As web-based free auto repair shop management software, SMOTGO can be used as inventory control, invoicing, estimating and marketing. So, it seems like Hotmail, Google or Yahoo.

To start using this Web-App, you are to create an account in the official website. Fill the form and you will be emailed with your password. Then, sign in and start.

While using this app, you will find some benefits of using SMOTGO. Overall, this Web-App does not need any backup and you and your technicians can access the site without any limitation of users. As free auto repair shop management software, SMOTGO is usable anywhere you are as long as you are connected to internet.

Get free vin decoding while using SMOTGO. You do not need to share with anyone about the repair information. As management software, let’s see how you can control over your inventory, multiple location management, purchase orders, returns and also pricing structure.

In case, you have to file your company and vehicle documents, the vehicle records enable you to save pictures, print out of DTC, TSB and so forth.

When there are a lot of appointments on the waiting list, this free auto repair shop management software allows to automatically schedule them and when an appointment is about to come, an email reminder will be sent to you.

Do you want the detail of each part of sales history, purchase history and return history? SMOTGO helps you to do these in simple ways, including purchase and return tracking.

SMOTGO is web-app free auto repair shop management software. The benefits mentioned above are just few of them. In case you feel to use this software, you are to get to the official website and make your account. In a couple of minutes, you can use SMOTGO for you auto repair shop.