A Review of Auto Repair Shop Software Freeware

Auto repair shop software freeware – As an auto repair shop owner, we have to manage the entire activities. They include a lot of aspects such as financial management, scheduling, repair order, and so forth. To make it organized and simple, we need particular software. A lot of software is sold in internet, but when we have a limited budget, auto repair shop software freeware is also available for us.

When we use search engine to get this freeware, it takes a while since many of them are available to purchase. This article has carefully selected some freeware that is best applied for our auto repair shop. This software is called Repair Shop Calendar. Let’s take a look this review below.

A Review of Auto Repair Shop Software Freeware
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A Short Overview

This software was developed by OrgBusiness Software with only 7.0 MB file size. We are free to use for good with LAN enabled. This calendar tool is a good option to manage the affairs of our auto repair shop.

Due to the LAN enabled, it can be used by multiple users. The data sharing can be done through local area network. However, it is far from software to purchase, since it only manages and allows the repair technicians to plan their working hours. Only then, there is no overlapping order.

Besides, Repair Shop Calendar also enables the technicians to keep the scheduled on track and determine the service bay that the customers are going to use.

Managing our clients is possible. We can look into their phone number, address, email and so forth. So far, this auto repair shop software freeware deserves to be taken into account for car scheduling repair.


In an auto shop, we need to work in team and Repair Shop Calendar helps us to synchronize the jobs with the mechanics. The teams are able to work by orders that are coordinated by the masters. While doing their jobs, this software tells the mechanics the exact thing they need to do towards particular vehicles.

As auto repair shop software freeware, Repair Shop Calendar also allows the customers to give comment based on the performed jobs and we as the owner is capable of viewing the written comment.

The internal database of this software records three aspects, such as customer database, work-order database, and also appointment schedules.

Even though it is prone to virus attack, we can back up the systems. At least, we need to have multiple back-up per day. It does not take a long time since we just click it and then restore.

In case we want to check the completion or order status, we can get this in several methods. Besides, exporting data from this auto repair shop software freeware is possible. Some formats are compatible such as text, Ms.

Excel, xml or html. We can also synchronize the date from Outlook. It has also been provided with integrated connection from output to USB devices. Even though it is LAN enabled, a network version is also available for us.


Since it is auto repair shop software freeware, the weaknesses do exist. The first look is seen when we switch over to any new packages. Even though it is not always, but usually, we need to utilize the existing data that was located in an older application.

That is the reason a legacy data import will be important. Unfortunately, importing data is not possible since this software does not provide this feature.

Even though there is a weakness, Repair Shop Calendar is easy to use. It is worth to have this auto repair shop software freeware since our team can use it at the same time. Coordinating the teams and orders will be easy to manage.