All You Need to Know about Truck Insurance Exchange

Truck Insurance Exchange provides trucking insurance services with more flexibility. It is all because, it acts as a reciprocal inter-insurance exchange that operates as the part of Farmers Insurance Group. However, we cannot say that Insurance Exchange works under Farmers. Instead, they operate independently with management and legal services that Farmers Insurance Group provides.

All You Need to Know about Truck Insurance Exchange
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For those who are looking for a company that specifically provides services on trucking insurance, Insurance Exchange can be one of the available options. However, apparently, they also provide you home insurance, life insurance and auto insurance policies.

Well, it is all because they have three exchanges. For more detail about these exchanges as well as the company and claim, this article below will explain.


As it has been previously mentioned, Insurance Exchange also provides home, life and auto insurance policies as well. It is all because, they offer you three kinds of exchanges. All of those can co-insure the other two exchanges.

It means, when Truck Insurance Exchange provides the other types of insurance to the customers, they do this via through other two exchanges and their variety of subsidiaries.

Specifically, Insurance Exchange provides types of truck insurance coverage. Whether you just want to be legal or adding more coverage into your insurance policy, you can customize your need depending on your need and budget.

If you think this company may be your insurance provider, then you will need to know the best way to purchase and how to file a claim. Both will be explained below.

Insurance Agents

All agents that you find in your city are integral cooperation of Truck Insurance Exchange and Farmers. The agents have been spread out in a lot of states in the US, so you possibly have a chance to find a local agent in your city.

These agents will become the representation of Farmers as well as their subsidiaries and exchanges, but also other providers that have similar insurance lines. Agents will help you to compare between several different policies.

Benefits of Purchasing Truck Insurance from an Agent

All of us want to get the most affordable price to save money. You may already try a lot of things to purchase truck insurance, nut the best way to get price from Insurance Exchange is by their agents.

Besides, you stand a chance of having a sort of consultation or discussion in person with your local agent. Only then, you understand more about the detail of the policy including the inclusions and exclusions of a certain truck insurance policy.

Besides, the transaction will be a lot easier since you will get assistance from the Truck Insurance Exchange agent. Once the time to file a claim already comes, you can file a claim in a better service. This is the last thing that you are eager to get.

How to File a Claim

Insurance Exchange facilitates its customers when it comes to filing a claim. You have got several different options. First, you can call the customer service through toll-free call. There will claims representatives that later will contact the local agent. It is your local agent that will help you to file your claim step by step.

Truck Insurance Exchange also provides you bypass HelpPoint to file your claim. But, your local agent will be the one that helps you to get through the process.

Before you make a decision on this, you are allowed to get quote. Your local agent will help you to get quote of Insurance Exchange. Some information is needed such as zip code and other important information depending on the type of the policy you need.

Once you are fixed with your needed coverage and you feel that the insurance policy fits to you, you can purchase your truck insurance from  Truck Insurance Exchange.