All You Need to Know about What is a Semi Truck

What is a semi truck – What is a semi truck? Well, you may need to stop asking about this now. The fact you have to know about the semi truck claims and its case related accident. Before we come further, however, we will talk about a semi truck a little bit that hopefully gives you at-glance information.

All You Need to Know about What is a Semi Truck
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Semi-Truck Basics

A semi truck can be defined as a vehicle that is composed of a towing engine which is linked to one semi-trailer at least and is purposed for transporting goods. It has a gross weight around 10,000 pounds without cargo and passenger. In the US, it is called big rig or eighteen-wheeler.

 If you look at it more closely, you will see that the trailer is apparently not completely behind the vehicle like the most of semi trucks. But, it is connected somewhat in front of the furthest back axle of towing unit. This kind of structure is purposed for bearing most of the weight by the prime mover. Besides, you find it helpful to explain what sets semi trucks. This design makes the trailer and semi trucks really flexible.

A semi truck has an engine that pulls the trailer where the goods, cargo and freight are usually loaded. With loads, it can weigh up to 80,000 until 100,000 pounds. High or low weight depends on the materials that the semi-truck is transporting.

Semi Truck Related Accidents

Now, you have understood a little about “What is a semi truck?” Now, let’s get to the facts related to the accidents. Since a semi truck is really heavy even with or without loads, the accident that occurs triggered by collision or else can end in incredibly tragic results.

If you live in the United States, you will find that every 16 minutes, there will be an accident that involves a semi truck. Most of these accidents happen in the countryside.

Even though we are the passenger or driver of a semi truck, it does not mean that we are not at risk of getting an accident. When we decide to go somewhere by car, we likely meet without stopping with semi trucks. Even if we drive our car carefully, there is a chance of us to get a collision with semi trucks, especially if we drive on the countryside during the daytime or on the weekdays.

It means that we are vulnerable to get semi-truck related accident. Even, other drivers of vehicles are the one that likely get the worst damage. According to a statistic, around 80% of the deaths caused by semi truck accidents are drivers of the smaller cars that is involved in the crash.

Now, you already know “What is a semi truck?” and you understand that each of us driving on the roads on smaller vehicles is risk of getting semi truck accident. Are there not rules or regulations that may increase the safety of street users?

Of course, the government has prepared anticipation to make sure that all street users stay safe. However, regarding with semi truck accidents, not all trucking companies and drivers obey the rules. It stands to reason now more people are died in the semi truck accident.

What is the legal consequence of semi truck accident? You may be included into driver of smaller vehicle than a semi truck. When you are in unfortunate situation, hit by a semi truck, you will have to deal with a lot of defendants.

This task can be a nightmare and may be included into one of the undesired thing in this world. So, you are highly recommended consulting with experienced lawyer that has been dealing with semi truck accident for many years.

Understanding “What is a semi truck?” is important but without consultation with a lawyer in case you face an accident related to semi truck, it will be nothing if you just know how the risk of driving on the streets with smaller car.