Are You Included into Those Needing Broad Form Auto Insurance ?

Board form auto insurance – “Be extra careful when buying broad form auto insurance. It is usually dirty cheap as it only protects us as the driver”. This is the most common answer that we will find when trying to know more about broad form insurance. Basically, why should be we careful ? Buying all types of insurance has to be careful, so what makes this type of insurance different from common types of car insurance ?

Are You Included into Those Needing Broad Form Auto Insurance ?
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This article will tell us more about this type of car insurance. In the end, we are expected to decide if it is worthy to give us protection or not.

The Secret of Being Cheap

Each driver wants to save money and that’s why each time he/she plants to purchase auto insurance, he/she tries the best to get the least expensive premiums by comparing quotes, getting discounts, etc. However, without all of these, broad form insurance has been so cheap. If we just want to save money, it is the best option.

This type of insurance has limited coverage that merely gives protection towards the driver. Consequently, it will not extend coverage to the other drivers or even passengers in the car when we have a car accident. Common type of car insurance is completely not like this. That is the secret for why broad auto insurance becomes really cheap.

All states in the US provide car insurance, but broad form insurance is only provided in some states such as Washington. Since the scope of protection is highly narrow, it becomes controversial among insurance buyers.

The Consequences

Since the protection is only for the driver, the insurance holder carries several consequences. In case the car is lent to someone else, that driver will not be covered by our broad form insurance even though we are still legally responsible.

Broad form auto insurance also does not cover us when we are driving non-traditional cars such as motorcycle or RV. When we have a car accident, our car is possibly damaged, but this type of insurance cannot cover the damage in at fault accident.

Last, we are basically capable of driving any vehicles except company cars because we are insured as a driver across-the-board.

Who Best Needs Broad Form Auto Insurance ?

Not all drivers are recommended buying this type of insurance. Those with a car who live alone will be the ones recommended for this since they have the least possibility of lending their cars to anyone else. Besides, those who drive a motorcycle instead of cars will need this but it does not apply for those driving company cars.

Those who are single or do not have any dependants or children can take advantage of this insurance. Besides, broad form insurance is also recommended for drivers with older cars. Meanwhile, new cars are not suggested to carry it.

How to Get the Best Deals

Being among the driver mentioned above will need this type of insurance. However, don’t be mistaken with broad form comprehensive insurance. Both are similar but different.

Comprehensive option is not the cheapest anymore since we get more protection that basic liability for ourselves as the driver. It depends on each one’s personal choice if comprehensive or basic liability is chosen.

Let’s assume that we have determined the coverage. To get the best deals, we had better check the legality of broad form auto insurance in our state. Remember, not all states provide drivers this insurance.

To get the best deal, we need to shop around. We can take advantage of online free quotes for easy and quick research. It is proven to be effective to get insurance. After being convinced, we can chose one of the companies to give us broad form auto insurance.