Aviva Car Insurance Review – Critical Things We Have to Know

Aviva car insurance – Reputable auto insurance company is what we need when it comes to purchasing auto insurance. However, the finding is not easy as read or written especially a lot of companies out there want to have business with us. Good company and policy becomes our focus now and possibly, Aviva Car Insurance is the one that meets our requirements.

Aviva Car Insurance Review – Critical Things We Have to Know
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There are three main reasons for why we put this insurance company as one of our priorities: great savings, special offers and customer service. Let’s see what Aviva offers to us here.

About Aviva

Previously known as Norwich Union in United Kingdom, Aviva has become a large insurance company that offers car insurance for all clients across the country. As the official website wrote, auto insurance from Aviva can give us extensive coverage with competitive rates. All services are delivered to give a high comfort and ease towards customers.

Quote can be obtained easily from the official website. More benefits can be gained once we buy one of the policies available there.


All of us want to get discounts to save money. Aviva car insurance offers variety of discounts. By simply having a spouse or partner whose car is insured at Aviva, we can earn until 60% off if we decide to insurance our car at Aviva.

Those who is not qualified for that condition still stand a chance of getting another discount. We can earn up to 40% for purely named driver but we never file a claim before.

Many other insurance companies may require all drivers to come to the office to process our application. But, Aviva allows us to get some ease since our application can be processed online.

This feature only works for a driver that has a partner or spouse who insure their cars there. Named driver that want to get insurance for him/her only at Aviva car insurance cannot conduct online application process.

Variety of Offers

General car insurance is the most common type of car insurance that almost all insurance companies offer to clients. Aviva car insurance, however, also have some other offers for customers with particular needs.

Those who do not have a car but often driver a car will need car insurance, but what they need is short term car insurance. The period of this insurance is between one and 28 days. Even if we have purchased another policy at Aviva with no claim discounts, our discounts still work on us.

If we have more than one car, why don’t we insure them at Aviva car insurance? We are free to choose different levels of excess and cover for respective vehicles. Even, we can purchase one insurance policy for our cars and vans at the same time.

Customer Service and Reviews

Aviva provides 24/7 full services for drivers who need anything including making claims. Making claims can also be conducted through online claims forms.  The process of filing claim is fast and straight forward. We will find it simple and won’t be asked in very details.

In case we are not sure about this reputability and the excellent service Aviva car insurance promises to its clients, we can read the customer reviews directly from the official website. We may rarely find customer reviews that are directly displayed on the official website, but Aviva does this to give us transparency and how those customer reviews are original.

The reviews will tell us about making claims that customers have ever done with Aviva car insurance. From the reviews, this company is given five stars by the customers, but we may find some other reviews that are displayed on other website that rate this two stars of five. Believe it or not, we had better know which to be relied on.