Basic Guides of Non Standard Auto Insurance

Non standard auto insurance is the only choice you have when you want to buy auto insurance but you are not qualified for the standard auto insurance. The triggers consist of several factors such as an adverse driving record, the age of the driver, lapse in coverage. In other words, this type of insurance is given for those for drivers or vehicle owners that are not qualified to get standard car insurance. If you are among those people, take a look at this information.

Basic Guides of Non Standard Auto Insurance

Who are Unqualified Drivers?

Someone is included into unqualified driver is thought to be a high-risk driver. In this case, you may have a serious violation like careless driving or a DUI on your driving record. Additionally, you can be unqualified if have been experiencing a lot of chargeable accidents or getting too many tickets in the last 2 until 3 years.

Someone may be included into non standard auto insurance if you are a teenage driver. Just like ordinary teenagers, teenage driver has the worst safety records and the tickers are too many too count.

Teenage girls, on the other hand, are slightly better on their rate, but they are still included into non-standard drivers. Teenage drivers may get coverage through the policy of their parents, but their parents have got to pay a lot more because of the teen rating.

Even though it seems impossible for a teenage driver or high-risk driver to get standard auto insurance, the chance always exists. Firstly, however, they will be forced into non standard insurance with a high value car as another consideration. To get standard insurance, they need to show an improvement on their driving record.

When they have shown improvement in their driving record, they will stand a chance of getting standard auto insurance. Non standard auto insurance has another consequence.

The premium insurance policy will be a lot higher in price if you compare to the standard plan. Due to the high standard plan, these drivers have to lessen the coverage. Only then, they can still get this insurance.

Factors that Put Someone Unqualified

Now, if you do not know if or not you are qualified for standard auto insurance, you need to first look at your driving record. You may end up in non-standard with very bad driving record.

Some states even may put you into unqualified driver when you have DUI conviction. There will no chance to get standard plan when you are in this condition with valid diving’s license.

One more, if you often violate the traffic regulations and experience several accidents, the chance of getting standard plan may also be closed to you. Non standard auto insurance will be your only choice.

Even if you have a good driving record, you may be forced in non-standard plan when the type of vehicle you have fails to have standard plan. Insurance companies also need to have previous insurance coverage to decide the time frame.

So, if you do not have prior insurance, you shall be forced to non standard auto insurance since you are not qualified with the standard plan.

Since the price of non standard plan is automatically higher than standard plan, you may have no choice. However, when you choose one of the insurance companies, you have to compare between the companies to the most competitive price.

You simply use instant insurance quote from insurance companies as many as possible to utilize the best rates.

There is a chance that an insurance company will write a standard plan even if you are qualified for non standard auto insurance. However, you may have to fulfill several conditions. You have to follow the non-standard plan for particular period of time and are not involved in accidents and violations of traffic law.