California Auto Insurance: Immune to the State of the Economy

California Auto Insurance – Today’s economy is pretty rough. People are losing jobs right and left because of cutbacks, companies are going out of business, and everyone keeps on bring up that dreaded “R” word: Recession. It seems that no one is immune. I was reading just the other day, for instance, that quite a few car companies are experiencing financial woes.

(By the way, this is probably a good time to buy a car because, as we all know, when sales are down salespeople are far more likely to work with you on price.)

California Auto Insurance: Immune to the State of the Economy
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Unfortunately, there is an industry that is annoyingly immune to the state of the economy: car insurance companies. “Why is this?” you might ask. Because car insurance is required by law.

For this reason, trying to get a reasonable car insurance quote (California insurance or any other state for that matter) in these times of economic trouble is no small feat.

And if you are in need of California high risk car insurance (otherwise affectionately known as SR22 insurance), it can seem like your own personal mission impossible.

Fortunately, there is a better way and that better way is known as the insurance broker. The fact of the matter is, an insurance broker is the only one who can offer a variety of insurance programs.

The broker, by the way, should not be confused with the agent. The agent is employed by a single carrier and so is limited to offering that particular carrier’s insurance policies. The broker, on the other hand, makes “agreements” with a number of carriers, which is why they can offer more than the agent (or the direct carrier, if you were thinking of going that route).

Contrary to popular belief, purchasing “direct” from the source and cutting out the middle man so to speak does not save you money- not in the insurance industry anyway.

Also, the insurance broker is employed by you, the consumer, and so the very nature of that relationship makes the broker more willing to work with you. This is especially key for all of you high risk auto insurance applicants.

The economy is a bit of a downer at the moment. Hopefully we will be back on the upswing in no time at all. Until then, I advise taking a look at what an insurance broker in your area has to offer. It could help you get through these tough times.