California: The Picky State with California Auto Insurance

California Auto Insurance – When searching for a car insurance quote, California can be an annoying state to reside in. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to insult California. It is a beautiful state with gorgeous weather and lots to offer.

It’s just that its “rules and regulations” tend to vary from other states. California auto insurance isn’t the only arena the state tries to differentiate itself in.

California: The Picky State with California Auto Insurance
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For instance, the California DMV requires new residents to take the written drivers license test before they will issue you a California driver’s license. Apparently, being a licensed driver in all the 49 other states isn’t quite up to par.

So, how does one navigate California auto insurance? My best advice is to go through an insurance broker, especially if you are in need of California high risk car insurance.

(Note: make sure the broker is licensed in the state of California specifically!) There are a couple of reasons why I recommend using a broker.

First, it saves you a great deal of headache and time. It is no fun researching different carriers, trying to find the best quote, comparing their options, etc., especially when you are not someone who speaks the language of insurance fluently (as most of us do not).

The second reason is the level of customer service. By definition, the insurance broker is employed by you, the consumer. The nature of that relationship alone almost guarantees that the broker will do his best by you.

Third, and lastly, a broker is the only one who can offer you a variety of insurance programs to choose from. While an insurance agent, for instance, may give you good customer service, he/she is bound by his/her employer, the insurance carrier they represent, and so can only offer you its insurance programs.

The broker, on the other hand, makes what are termed “agreements” with a number of carriers to offer their insurance programs to prospective buyers.

Bottom line, California can be an irritating state to live in when you first move there. Save yourself some time and find an insurance broker. You can use that extra time to study for the driver’s license test!