Churchill Car Insurance Company Review

Car repair costs a lot of money and car insurance is just the same. You may be wondering whether there is an auto insurance company that provides you free car repair and a lot of types of discounts. Well, there is one, namely Churchill Car Insurance, a company that used to be the member of Royal Bank of Scotland Group in the year of 2003. It also provides you home, health, travel, pet, and motorcycle insurance.

Let’s see the company review here. This review will include car insurance options, benefits and customer reviews that from some websites.

Churchill Car Insurance Company Review
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About the Company

Even though there is variety of insurance products, Churchill has become an expert in car insurance. There are several reasons why you have to put this company into your consideration.

Churchill claims to have an excellent customer service with 24-hour emergency helpline. Anytime you experience an accident day or night, the customer service is available for you.

As it has been previously mentioned, Churchill guarantees your car repair for five years as long as your repair your car at their approved repair shops.

Churchill Car Insurance has Legal Advice Helpline that is 24-hours per day available for you. You can talk to an insurance expert about any legal matter.

Car Insurance Options

There are many ways to save money from car insurance. Churchill provides you variety of discounts where you may be qualified.

NDNCD or Named Driver No Claim Discount seems to be rarely heard, but Churchill is one of the few insurance companies offering this type of discount.

To get qualified, you have to purchase car insurance at Churchill and prove that within a year, you do not file any claim on your policy. Every year, your insurance premiums shall reduce until five years.

Churchill Car Insurance also offers you Only Driver Discount. It applies if you already have a car and insure it at Churchill. Then, you buy a new car again and insure it at Churchill, as well. Similar to NCD, this discount works if you do not file a claim. Filing a claim makes the discount reduced.

Other types of discounts also include company car no claim discount. There are several requirements and two of them is you have to be above 25 years old and you can provide a letter from the company where you works; and breakdown multi-car discount for those who insurance more than one cars in the same company.

The Benefits

Churchill Car Insurance provides you a lot of benefits if you insurance your car there. Anytime you experience an accident where the third driver is found at fault, your comprehensive coverage yoy have purchased will protect your claims free years and also cover the excess, as well.

Do you need to repair your car? Well, Churchill provides free car repair as long as you go to the approved repair shop that Churchill has chosen.

Besides, if you have a new car and you happen to be the first owner and the registered keeper, your car will be replaced. The maximum period for owning the car is 12 months in case your car has been stolen.

Customer Reviews

Those are what Churchill Car Insurance claim to give you once you insure your car at this company. There are a lot of customers who are satisfied with the services. If we rate in the scale of 5, Churchill has got 1.5 for a recommended insurance company.

Those who fail to get satisfaction found that the claim is not that easy and quick. It even takes up to two years and Churchill just hangs this matter.

Another client found that the insurance quote provided in the website is not accurate. Well, this might happen only if the client did not fill detail and valid information.

That is all about Churchill Car Insurance at glance. For more information, you had better read customer and expert reviews and find yourself if Churchill is a recommended seller or not.