Does Car Insurance Cover In-Car Valuables ?

Car Insurance Cover – Cars feel as if they are second home for most people who travel a lot, or for those that may take their lunch break in their car. Because of this most people leave quite a few valuable in their car.

For example, they may have a DVD player, various gadgets to play music on, a GPS navigation system, and so forth. So the main question that most people have is will their insurance cover the items in their car should they be stolen?

Does Car Insurance Cover In-Car Valuables
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The answer is no. Contrary to what people think car insurance does not cover the theft of items that are taken from the car.

The insurance policy does cover the theft of the vehicle itself, however, the insurance company cannot cover the valuables that the person may have left in there.

The reason is that the person could be dishonest in what they claim was in the car and the insurance agency would lose money on this.

However, the main reason is that the car insurance is meant to cover the car, not those things that the person may travel with.

The good news is that the valuables that are in the car may be covered by other insurances that the person may have, such as their homeowners insurance policy or their rental insurance policy.

So they can replace their valuables in this way. The damage that the thief may do in order to get to the valuable objects would be covered by the car insurance policy since it may be that the thief broke out the windows or something of that nature.

So what can people do to make sure that they are not falling victim to their valuable items in their car being stolen? First things first, they should take anything that is not necessary to have in the car inside their place of residence.

Secondly, those small items that people use in their cars such as the iPod’s and navigation systems should be placed somewhere that they are not visible to those that walk by the car.

For example, in the console on the dashboard or in the trunk of the car. This way the objects are not able to be seen, thus, they are not a temptation for those that are passing by.

Do not make the mistake that many people do and believe that the car insurance is going to cover the cost of the things that are stolen from your car that are not a part of the car.

Car stereos that are a part of the car are usually covered since they are things that are installed in the car.

However, for all those extra objects in the car, you are out of luck unless your have other insurance coverages that cover these objects.

This is why the driver never leave anything out that they do not feel comfortable with other people seeing because it could be the temptation that they cannot resist.