Don’t Go Buying Non Owned Auto Insurance Without Reading this !

Non owned auto insurance – We may be already familiar with regular type of car insurance, but non owned auto insurance can be a new term for some people that never rent a car to drive. Indeed, this insurance is specifically purposed for people who often or plan to rent a car. Even though it is just for short time, we do not know what will happen while driving on the streets. To ensure we are protected against any unfortunate situations, we need to insure the car.

Don’t Go Buying Non Owned Auto Insurance Without Reading this
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It will be no problem to buy this insurance without thinking about money saving if just rent a car once, but it is good to consider the amount of money we can save if we rent cars quite often. The method below will tell us exactly what to do.

The Use of Non Owned Car Insurance

Actually, this type of insurance is not only for people who often rent a car, but also for business owners who use their cars for commercial purposes. The use of this insurance is almost the same.

It pays for the car repairs when we accidentally damage other driver’s car as well as the medical bills of people in the car and the injured pedestrians. However, the rented car will not get covered if we are at fault in an accident.

For rental car business owners, this non owned auto insurance also protects the employee while driving on the streets and having an accident. The third party will get covered. The business owners do not have to pay the medical bills and car repair costs so that they can save money for their business to keep running.

Make the Most of the Costs

Purchasing non owned auto insurance can be done in two ways. The car owner or the business owner of the rental car will provide this insurance and we can get this through them. However, this will be more expensive than purchasing on our own. Besides, the added assurance will not only include the rented car but also the car we usually drive.

Once there is an accident happens, we can file a claim. The cost of the claims is likely very high. We can be glad since the cost of non owned car insurance is commonly low with less than $150 per year of premiums.

What to Do to Buy Non Owned Auto Insurance ?

Do we need to this kind of insurance? Well, considering that we have to make sure the business keeps running, it is highly needed. Of course, we try our best to drive safely or for business owners, they try their best to find a safe driver. Hopefully, there will be no accident happen.

However, accident is possible especially with the high traffic on the roads. Car repair costs, lawsuits and medical bills will be incredibly expensive to cover without non owned insurance. Besides, even if business owners do not want it, the clients with whom they work require them to have auto liability coverage.

Dealing with buying non owned auto insurance is easy since there have been online sources we can take advantage of. Before we choose one particular company, make sure we already determine the coverage. Learn more detail about this and in case we do not know or are confused, we can work with independent insurance agent.

If we want to do this on our own, let’s get some quotes. Use online comparison websites to do this. We just need to fill the required fields with valid and accurate information. Compare the quotes we get and take a look at offers that have good rates. Once we have decided, call the office and purchase our non owned auto insurance.