5 Suggestions to Purchase Non Standard Auto Insurance

Have you ever been caught driving under influence of alcohol? Or you have a bunch of speeding tickets and filed insurance claims for several times. If you have, you will be qualified for non standard auto insurance. Actually, it is not a sort of insurance product or policy. It is just a term to call drivers that are considered to be high risk drivers and those that have bad driving record.

Well, you may have applied for standard car insurance, but the company will know it. Of course, this state likely comes to a bad end. The most unwanted thing for all insurance buyers is high or expensive insurance premiums.

Five Suggestions to Purchase Non Standard Auto Insurance
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Your advantage is there are a lot of insurance companies out there and some of them have the best offer for non standard drivers.

Only then, you can keep your insurance premiums as low as possible. The detail tips about what you have to do can be seen as follows.

Get More Insurance Quotes

With bad driving record, you have to work harder to find your car insurance. Don’t compare to drivers with 25 years experience and clean driving record. It may take longer time to find the best deal.

So, when an insurance company lets you down, you do not have to be discouraged. You just need more time and research.

The best way is by requesting quotes from insurance companies.  Standard auto insurance buyers may merely need three or five quotes from different companies, but you need more quotes.

The many quotes you can get the better deal you get in the end. After the quotes are obtained, compare them and find the best rate with better coverage.

When comparing, you have to focus on insurance policies that best suit to your non-standard state. It is also important to determine the coverage you need before purchasing auto insurance.

Whether or not you only want only liability coverage or with underinsured/uninsured coverage and comprehensive/collision coverage, it is all your decision to make.

Choose the Deductibles

Once you have determined the amount of coverage, you may have to consider choosing the deductibles, even before beginning to request quotes of non standard auto insurance.

If it is the time for you in renewal period, you may maintain your current coverage. So, you can put the current policy as the reference.

While comparing insurance quotes, you just need to focus on insurance policies that are similar to your current one with the same coverage. Only then, you can find a better policy.

Pay Attention the Limitations and Exclusions

Purchasing non standard auto insurance has more limitations than standard insurance since you are regarded as high-risk drivers.

One of the limitations is related to double deductibles that have to be funded within the first 45 days of your policy. Then, in case you rent a car, you cannot buy non standard insurance coverage.

Control Your Car and Driving

Since your car is one of the main considerations, purchasing non standard auto insurance has to ensure that you car is completely safe. You simply add safety devices like anti-theft device, air bags, etc. Pay attention on how you store your car at night while not in use. Garage with lock and security system is a lot better place.

Drive carefully and stay away from car accident. It will help you to recover your non-standard state.

Get Quotes Again When It Comes to Renewal Time

You have to make sure that your current policy is the best you can get. However, car insurance changes very quickly and sometimes, your current policy may not be the best anymore when it comes to renewal period.

So, you have to start from the beginning at that time. Get quotes again, compare and choose. Only then, you can get the best standard auto insurance policy again.