Five Things You Must Know About DUI Auto Insurance

Do you think your car insurance is expensive? As long as you carry standard auto insurance, your insurance rate is not comparable to DUI auto insurance. DUI stands for Driving Under Influence of alcohol and becomes a major offense. High fine, suspended driving license and vehicle registration are the most possible consequence you will get.

Once you are caught driving under influence of alcohol, you are regarded as high risk drivers. Your car insurance rate will be skyrocketing. The amount will depend on the how serious the DUI is, each driver still has a chance to get cheap car insurance quotes.

Five Things You Must Know About DUI Auto Insurance
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A lot of companies may reject your insurance application, but some other welcome high risk drivers. To make you get the best deal again, this following information will tell you the more.

Which Insurance Company Provides DUI Insurance?

Well, being a high risk driver due to DUI has its own consequence when trying to find an insurance company. Not all insurance companies, especially the big names ones, provide you this. So, the options are indeed limited.

You likely need three years to recover your state and you can purchase your car insurance from a reputable company. DUI ticket will also spend three years to stay on your record. Your insurance estimate will be considerably affected by then.

How to Make the Most of This Situation?

Despite the limited options, you still have a chance. You just need to work a lot harder compared to those with clean driving record. You may begin your searching of DUI auto insurance by requesting quotes.

A comparison website is easy place to go. By filling the required information in detail and with validity, you will get various quotes from insurance providers close to where you are living, especially those specializing on DUI drivers.

You need more quotes than usual, so you have more chances to find a good deal on your DUI auto insurance need.

Get Discounts!

You may be desperate finding that the chance to get lower premiums is difficult. The insurance quotes can be the proof. However there is still another way to keep you find an affordable rate.

Discounts are typically offered by insurance companies. Ask the agents in case you are qualified. The discounts are varied and likely different from one company and another.

Being DUI driver but you are above 25 years old may enables you to get a discount. Ask for your qualification. If you are a member of certain organization, groups, credit unions or alumni, your DUI auto insurance rate will reduce. There is a discount for this.

If you have your installed with safety features like anti lock brakes, airbags, anti-theft device and passive restraint seatbelts, discounts will be given.

The other good discounts that you may be qualified in are good student discounts for those who are still student, low mileage discount and multiple lines discount.

The latter means that you insure your home and car in the same company. That will reduce your DUI auto insurance rate.

If your car is not among the list of high-risk vehicles, then you have to consider replacing your car with low engine force and safe one. Minivan or family car is suggested to have rather than sports car.

Accept the Consequences

You may have tried to get qualified for discounts and compare quotes from a lot of insurance companies, but your insurance rate is still higher. Well, compared to standard car insurance rate, yours is still higher.

You just need to accept the consequences. Besides, there is a way to restitute your state, namely by paying fines or conduction community services.

You can take driving courses or diversion program. Make sure you are informed with SR-22 form. It will be the proof that that your car is indeed insured with DUI auto insurance.