Four Tips of Marketing for Auto Repair Shops

The secret business of marketing for auto repair shops lies on its technique. It is often a lot of shops spend thousand dollars to advertise their business on TV ads, PPC or SEO campaign. However, all of those will not be equally effective to word-of-mouth marketing technique. It may be conventional but it costs a lot less and more successfully attract customers.

So, in case you are looking for marketing technique, there are several tips that you can apply to get your customers come again and again. Here are the details.

Four Tips of Marketing for Auto Repair Shops
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Understand the Markets and Keep in Touch

It is challenging to win the heart of customers. Many of them just leave and don’t come back after their first coming even if they are satisfied with the services.

When you are dealing with this situation, you have to understand the market. They likely do not come again not due to the satisfaction, but want to get other discounts. So, keep yourself in touch with them as if you stand in front of them and understand them.

Instead of using ads on TV, you may use newsletters to keep them informed with the latest update of your auto repair shop.

Just send them monthly newsletter and let them now the best deal or coupon they can get to reduce the repair cost. This tip of marketing for auto repair shop is proven to be effective to make them come again for the new best deals.

Give Surprise

Another way to get your customers visit your auto repair shop again is by giving them surprise. This is not like a gift or birthday present to congratulate someone’s birthday, but it is a gratitude to your customers for the business they have with you.

There are many ways to do this. To apply this technique of marketing for auto repair shops, you just need to make your customers comfortable and talk again and again to their friends due to how you give thanks to them. A surprise makes them talk and this word-of-mouth technique will work here.

Get Advantage of Social Network

In fact, keeping in touch with the customers is not the only thing that you have to do. Ensure that they get entertained and the best way is by using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or else. This is like creating a fan-page on Facebook and then invites your customers to like your page.

By showing up online and sharing photos, videos or status updates, you can keep in touch with your customers and get them entertained. Or else, you can create a blog containing tips and tricks around car repairs or car washings. Your customers will find them very useful to apply.

This tip of marketing for auto repair shops will consistently work if you can do this without stopping. However, doing this too often is not suggested as the customers may be sick of the boring updates and photos. Dig more ideas and give something new to your costumers through your blogs or social media.

Let Them Speak Honesty

A lot of auto repair shops are worried about what customers will say about the service. However, for the sake of marketing for auto repair shops, you will let them to speak honesty that can be positive or negative about your shop and services.

Customers are now smart. They will prefer reading honest reviews than ask someone to write review about your shop.

The other customers that are seeking for a shop will be assisted with the reviews. If they say positive things, then it will be good, but don’t be discouraged with the negative reviews. Just thanks to them and fix the problems.

Now, you have four tips of marketing for auto repair shops. Of course, you cannot get the feedback in a short time. Just wait and keep consistently applying those tips.