Getting The First Car Insurance Policy

It’s not necessary that you will pay hefty premiums if you buy your first car insurance coverage.

It’s a great idea to also know what are the additional types of policies or coverage’s that you can take that will protect you from future lawsuits and medical expenses. The type of car that you drive and the driving record that you have would affect cheapest car insurance.

Getting The First Car Insurance Policy
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Car insurance is mandated by law
A car insurance policy is required in all the fifty states. The Department of Motor vehicles (DMV) requires that you should take the responsibility of owning and operating a car in all states.

Those that are caught driving without car insurance policy are liable to pay hefty fines. Moreover your license may be suspended if you are involved in a car accident and don’t have suitable car insurance.

Discounts available
Remember there are a number of discounts available even for first timers. Women pay lower insurance premiums than men do (if you are in your 20’s and 30’s).

Also if you are a teacher or have had good grades in college (B and above), or are in military, you can get great discounts. If you are unsure of the discounts that you qualify for, then you should ask your car insurance agent.

Before you actually set out to but car insurance, compare the rates online. You will get multiple car insurance quotes from many car insurance companies. You can also ask your car insurance agent or broker to give you the best deal possible.

There are minimum requirements for purchasing a car insurance policy as stipulated by each state. Know the minimum requirements in your state.

Know how much you require. If you have bought a SUV, the rates for your car insurance policy will be substantially higher than the rates for other cars.

You may choose higher deductible
If you are planning to choose the full car coverage for yourself, then remember that higher the deductible, lower would be your insurance premiums. Use the online car insurance premium calculators to know truly how much you need and how much you can afford.

Don’t buy more insurance than you need. Since this is your first car insurance coverage, understand what you and your car are covered for. Also many companies offer a ‘first look policy’.

It means that if you aren’t satisfied with the policy, you can cancel the policy and get a refund for the policy within a stipulated period of time (this is usually for a period of 30 days).