High risk auto insurance is a bummer, that’s for sure. Usually an elevation from standard California auto insurance to California high risk car insurance is precipitated by an incident such as a DUI/DWI or a series of incidents- reckless/careless driving, too many speeding tickets, or too many accidents. High risk auto insurance is a real downer because it is either ridiculously expensive or seemingly impossible to obtain.

High Risk Auto Insurance is a Bummer, That’s For Sure
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Here’s the thing. You will be hard pressed to find much sympathy if you are classified as a California high risk car insurance candidate because, let’s face it; it’s your fault. However, everyone deserves a second chance, so here are a couple of tips. First, go through an insurance broker when shopping for a car insurance quote.

California insurance brokers have a greater likelihood of providing you with a lower premium because they are not tied down to a single insurance carrier like the insurance agent is. Rather, they make agreements with a number of carriers to offer their insurance programs to potential customers.

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Also, a broker is much more likely to work with you because it is you, the consumer, who is the employer of the broker rather than the carrier. (An insurance agent, for instance, is employed by the carrier. Stay away from the insurance agent.)

It is important that once you obtain your high risk auto insurance from the insurance broker (complete with your required SR22 insurance certificate), you take this opportunity to re-establish a record of responsible driving.

Drive safely and soberly within the speed limits at all times. Also, it might be a good idea to take a defensive driving course so that you can learn techniques in avoiding accidents.

(While you’re at it, you might want to avoid California freeways altogether because they are magnets for car accidents!) Taking a defensive driving course may also have the added benefit of lowering your monthly insurance premium.

Lastly, be sure to make all your monthly payments because if you miss a payment on SR22 insurance your broker is legally required to report it and your license will be automatically suspended.

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