How Much is Insurance for a Motorcycle You Actually Need ?

How much is insurance for a motorcycle – Helmet and driving license has made us legal to drive in any streets in the US, but we also need protection in case we have an accident. That’s why motorcycle insurance is needed. Now, the question becomes, “How much is insurance for a motorcycle?” Well, we are only familiar with car insurance and have less idea of motorcycle insurance. Well, both give us protection and if we are fully covered, we can stay away from being in debt of any damage that we have to face due to an accident.

How Much is Insurance for a Motorcycle You Actually Need
Image : – Sara Aydin

Average Cost of Motorcycle Insurance

If we talk about the average cost, we can say it in a specific amount since basically, it depends on several factors. But, let’s say that the premiums possibly range up to $1000 per year. The influential factors may be varied. So, let’s talk them over.

The first factor that affects the insurance cost is which state you are living now. Almost all states in the US require all motorcycle riders to have motorcycle liability insurance. The number can be different from one state to another.

It stands to reason if we ask “How much is insurance for a motorcycle?” we may answer it depends on the state. Besides, there are also collision costs and another motorcycle coverage that are also different in every state.

Then, either you have low or higher insurance cost also depends on your bike. Check out your model, make and year of production of your motorcycle. If your motorcycle is new, do not be surprised that you will have higher cost of motorcycle insurance than those having five-year-old motorcycle.

Besides, the insurance cost also depends on the power of engine. The insurance cost can be influenced if your motorcycle has been added with turbo kit or other enhancements.

How much is insurance for a motorcycle? Well, it depends on you as the rider or driver of the motorcycle. The information related to the rider includes age and driving history. Younger riders are considered to be riskier than adult riders.

It impacts to the high insurance cost. Not to mention, the driving history will be primarily taken into account. You have committed traffic collisions and collisions in the past, your hope to get lower insurance cost should be a lot lower.

In car insurance, it is about mileage. The motorcycle insurance also has the same. The frequency of using your motorcycle will decide your motorcycle insurance cost. You likely have to pay more if you often go on the weekends since you will possibly encounter a lot of hazards.

It can be difficult to decide how much is in insurance for a motorcycle since the way you store your motorcycle is highly considered by the insurance companies. If you keep it in a locked garage, it is likely to have lower premiums.

State is the primary factor whether you have to pay more or less for your premiums. Each state has different minimum requirement. You have to carry liability coverage of which costs ranges between $100 up to $500.

How to Reduce Insurance Cost

Even though state has the law to decide the minimum requirement, you have some ways to reduce the cost. The factors are related to the influential factors of motorcycle insurance.

Driving history has to be paid attention. You always have to drive carefully and safely, obey the traffic regulations and avoid speeding tickets. Then, the way to store your motorcycle has to be in a secured place. Make sure you lock the garage and when it is needed, adding safety features to the motorcycle is recommended.

Each company has its own way to decide how much is insurance for a motorcycle. You only need to find a company that gives you the best cost. Be smart when shopping will ensure you to get lower premiums.