How much is motorcycle insurance premium ? It may become a question of you before purchasing a motorcycle and riding around the town with such cool vehicle. Yes, motorcycle riding is cool, but there are some points to consider before deciding to have one. Motorcycle riding is riskier than car driving. You need great skill in controlling the machine and keep the balance well. Besides, you also need to pay higher amounts of money for motorcycle insurance. Now, how much money you should pay for a motorcycle insurance premium. The answer is; it depends on some factors especially the coverage.

For example, someone who lives in Los Angeles and having Harley Davidson Cross Bones 2011 should pay motorcycle insurance as much as $15,500. Another one who lives in Michigan; he has passed motorcycle riding test and has Honda Rebel 2003 motorcycle; he just needs to pay motorcycle insurance as much as $1,000.

How much is Motorcycle Insurance Premium
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Those two men have different factors and coverage to choose in motorcycle insurance. That is why they pay different sums of money for the insurance. Those factors determine how much is motorcycle insurance to pay.

 The Types of Motorcycle and Your Location 

The factors that determine how much is motorcycle insurance related to motorcycle types are the model and year of the motorcycle. You should pay more for a faster and riskier motorcycle such as sport or racer motorcycle and Harley Davidson.

Meanwhile, the cost is lower for standard motorcycles like cruiser or Japanese motorcycles. Besides, higher CC of the motorcycles will also determine the cost of the insurance. Higher CC means more power and the cost will be higher too.

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In the other hand, if you are a new one to ride a motorcycle, you will get higher insurance cost too. The location of where you live will also determine how much is motorcycle insurance cost.

If you live in a highly populated area, you should pay higher cost of motorcycle insurance because bigger claim that will be gotten by the insurers. That is why you should be smart in choosing motorcycle type. Just choose the most suitable one for you based on your riding habits as well as needs.

  Lower Premium for Experienced Rider 

It has been a must that the new one in motorcycle riding will get higher cost of motorcycle insurance premiums. It is different with those who have ridden for several years and get many experiences in riding a motorcycle.

So you should be patient to not asking how much is motorcycle insurance until you have been experienced for years; some discount will be given to your insurance premium. Just keep your riding license active, pay the insurance regularly and up to date in order to get lower rates some years later.

Besides, make sure you have had safety riding certificate that will make you safer rider that will also lower your insurance premium. To get lower premiums of motorcycle insurance, you should be smart in choosing the coverage. Make sure that the coverage is suitable and useful for you; don’t take any useless coverage and only do safety riding then the premium will be lower as well.

 More Factors Determining Premiums

You should be a biker that always pays attention to the traffic regulation and safety. Good riding habit will not make you in a risk and lower how much is motorcycle insurance rate. You also can eliminate the coverage for passengers to make the premium lower.

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It can be done if you are always riding alone. Ask the insurance provider whether you can have some additional discount for good credit score. It will be great if you can get extra discount for good credit score.