How To: File a Car Insurance Claim

Car Insurance Claim – When an accident occurs, the last thing on someones mind is the claim process that they are going to have to go through. However, it is something that they should do as soon as they can in order to get the process rolling sooner and get their car fixed sooner. But, the most common question that people have is just how they should start the claim process?

How To: File a Car Insurance Claim
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This is a common concern that most people have, however, they should realize that the claim process is fairly easy once they have all the information that they are going to need.

They are going to want the police report in which the insurance of all those involved is listed, so that they can relay this information to their insurance agent. If the accident was your fault or not, it is best to contact your insurance agent and explain what happened.

More times than not, they will take over the claim process and argue with the other insurance company for you in order to have the vehicle fixed.

However, if you are wanting to take a more hands on approach then you are going to want to contact the insurance agency of the other person that was involved in as well, if the accident was their fault.

For those that were involved in accidents that were their own fault, then they just need to contact their insurance agency.

Call the insurance companies and provide the date and time of the accident and all the information that the police write up states, such as the insurance provider and policy number of those involved and so forth. You will then also have to tell of the damage that occurred to your vehicle.

Many people suggest that you take pictures of the damage so that there are not questions that can be asked regarding whether the damage was done during the accident or not.

Describing the entire accident to the claims representative is going to give them a better idea of what happened and a better way to address the problem with the other insurance agency in case any arise.

Once you have talked with your insurance agency, you may have to take further steps and call the other parties insurance agency in order to find out how long you can expect to wait for the claim to take to resolve.

You may also take this time to set up a time to get the vehicle appraised, which is a part of the claim process because each company is going to want to know just what they can expect to pay for the damage.

Claims can take several days or even weeks to get straightened out depending on just how many people were involved and just how much damage occurred during the accident. The sooner that the person files the claim though the easier it is going to be for them to get the ordeal over with and done.