How to Have Less Than $145 for Average Monthly Car Insurance

Average monthly car insurance – Average monthly car insurance is expensive, that is the fact. The day in every month always comes and it is the time for you to pay your insurance premiums. It has become your routine and part of responsibility as a driver. If you count in a year, the cost of auto insurance can be more than $1,800.If you live in a small town, with low value car, you may think it crazy. Those living in a big cith sport car think that it is cheap. When we count in monthly installments, you may have to pay $150 per month.

How to Have Less Than $145 for Average Monthly Car Insurance
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In Comparison to Other Installments

Well, monthly installment is not the only choice you have. You may choose six-month or annual installment. However, for those with middle financial state, it seems difficult to have six month or annual installment.

Of course, the overall cost is less than monthly installment, but you have to get more money to pay your premium. Differently, monthly installment seems affordable since you can include it like paying electricity or internet bills.

In short, monthly car insurance may become a solution for those who cannot afford annual or six month installment. Indeed, it will be more expensive since you may have to pay around $145 as average monthly car insurance, but the companies have reason for charging you this rate. To know more about this, let’s see this following information.

How to Have Lower Monthly Car Insurance

$145 or $150 monthly installment does not come without reasons. Your geographical demographic is the one that is primarily considered by auto insurance companies. It is related to the drivers in the city where you are living.

If the drivers are categorized as safe drivers, you will be charged lower monthly insurance. Contrarily, if the drivers are riskier than those in other different cities, you have to pay more in your car insurance.

Some states in the US are considered to have more average monthly car insurance. Those states consist of Michigan, New Jersey and Alaska.

Insurance companies refer to statistics before they decide the rate for you. They calculate every possibility so they know how much rate they should give to you to make a good profit.

How about your driving history? The fact says that it plays an important role in coming up with the monthly installment.

Just like before, companies have standard for someone to be categorized as driver with good or bad driving record.

If you have lower than the average record, it is highly possible that your average monthly car insurance installment will be more than $145.

Contrarily, if you are a kind of safe driver than American drivers, you can expect less than $145 for your monthly installment.

Moreover, car insurance companies also have other factors to consider. The number of your parking tickets, speeding tickets and some other citations will also be taken into account to determine your monthly rate. Higher tickets means higher monthly installment.

Similarly, that also applies for credit score or credit rating. If your credit score or credit rating is less than the national coverage, automatically you can pay more than those with credit score above the national coverage.

Companies have rights to charge you more since you have poor credit. It also applies when insurance companies have right to give you lower average monthly car insurance with your good credit score.

Last, your type of car will be taken into consideration. Driving a car that is more expensive than cars in the US enables you to be charged more than average. Meanwhile, if your car is less expensive and safer, you can be optimistic to pay less than $145.

In short, having low or high average monthly car insurance is not simply based on your car or location. There are some factors that influence your monthly rate.