IAA Insurance Auto Auction – Best Dealer to Get Affordable High Quality Cars

IAA insurance auto auction – Sometimes, we must be bored with our cars and there is no something more desirable than getting new car. Another problem may occur: our financial state. With limited budget we have, there is only one solution we can go: IAA Insurance Auto Auction. Well, of course, the cars are not brand new, but if budget is our main problem, it is all what we have.

IAA Insurance Auto Auction – Best Dealer to Get Affordable High Quality Cars
Image : Drive.com.au

Besides, there are some other reasons why this company can solve problems like we have. The details will be given as follows.

About IAA Auto Auction

IAA gives us advantages in salvage car auctions. The auctions are usually held in two ways, both live and live-online auctions. Since 1982, IAA has become one of the leading salvage auto auction industries. It focuses on giving the best values to us as the buyers and returns to the sellers.

IAA also has been working together with some sellers. They usually consist of insurance companies, rental car companies, dealerships, and also fleet lease companies.

The cars we find at the auctions are from those sellers and they want to get rid of them as soon as possible. That is the main reason for why the auction cars are considerably affordable.

About Salvaged Cars

It has been previously mentioned that IAA Insurance Auto Auction includes variety of sellers. So, the cars are supplied by those sellers that have labeled the car as salvage.

Salvaged cars means car that have been in accident, fire or flood. However, those cars will have been repaired and rebuilt if they are seriously damaged. Then, they are titled as salvage.

If the cars are sold by dealerships or fleet lease companies, the car auctions are in good condition. These cars have been repossessed by insurance companies, dealerships or lease companies for many reasons.

However, it is mainly because the old owners failed to settle payments for the cars. We can find these cars at IAA Insurance Auto Auction.

How to Bid at IAA Auto Auction ?

There are two ways to get involved at the auctions: live online and live offline bidding. To get involve in that, first we have to find the location where the next auctions will be held. The auction is often held in most all states in the US.

To know the location and when the auctions will be held, just take a look the time, branch and state as displayed on the official website. We will be told about how many vehicles will be offered at the auctions including the time when it begins and place.

IAA Insurance Auto Auction will not let us join in the bidding until we log in or register. While registering, we will be set up a public or licensed business account. Create free account there and fill the required information given to the website, name and email.

To start bidding, we have to choose the account, either public account or business account. Public account requires us to pay $200 for annual fee. With this account, we gain access to public auctions.

We don’t have to join in live bidding since online bidding is also provided for us. Then, after we win the bidding, we can instantly buy the cars via I-Buy Fast.

IAA Insurance Auto Auction also sets up licensed business account with the same annual fee, $200. This type of account gives us access to all auctions where our license allows us to bid.

We can also add bidders to our account. However, we have to prove that we have business license. If we are just civilian that want to get involved at the auctions, public account is the one that we need.

Once we find time and when is the next bidding going to be held by IAA Insurance Auto Auctions, we need to stick to our bidding. The higher bidding will be the one who wins the auction.