Is It Possible to Buy Owner Operator Insurance to Save Money ?

Owner operator insurance – Relying on insurance broker can be helpful to save money while purchasing owner operator insurance. Insurance brokers will help us to compare the policy that best matches to our business need, but it is not free. How come we save a lot if we also have to hire insurance brokers?

Is It Possible to Buy Owner Operator Insurance to Save Money
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Paying insurance has become a huge expense for a small business. As long as we know what to do from the beginning until deciding the last choice on insurance company with its offered policy, saving money is possible. This is what to do to ensure we can make it.

Learn How to Control the Factors

Insurance rate is all what we think. Once it has been decided by the company, it will be a fixed price. However, we can control the affecting factors.

Indeed, insurance companies consider several factors while determining the rates and one of them is the credit scores. In order to get lower premiums, make sure we try our best to raise the scores.

Huge money saving will be ours. Premiums of owner operator insurance are affected by the CDL experience we currently own. The cleanness of our MVR also determines how low the insurance rate will be.

Also, control the semi truck. Have it installed with additional safety features such as deer guards and fog lamps. Even though they seem trivial, they play a huge role to reduce the premiums.

Moreover, if we have more budgets, we had better choose to pay our premiums in full for cheaper premiums. Otherwise, we can raise the deductibles, but ensure we can still afford them.

Insurance companies also consider the correctness of the FMCSA data that we input. We are possibly charged for higher premiums with incorrect data on FMCSA. We may ever violate the traffic regulations and of course, the violations affect our logbook. Make sure we keep this up to date by avoiding them as best as possible.

Discounts are commonly available in many companies. Getting one or two of them remarkably reduces the owner operator insurance premiums. Ensure that we ask in detail about them.

Understand the Possible Cost

Even though it is all about insurance for owner operators, there are two types of owners: leased owner operators and also owner operators with authority.

The cost is different. Leased owner operators are commonly a lot cheaper since the average cost is just around $1,500 up to $2,000 per year.

Most of them simply require Bobtail, Physical Damage and also Trucking Liability. Either the cost is higher or lower, it depends on the amount of the policy and also the truck/trailer value.

Meanwhile, the latter is even a lot more expensive with possible owner operator insurance cost between $8,000 and $12,500 per year for single trucks. Imagine if we have more than one truck.

When we are in the second condition, it is highly important to be smart in shopping. Of course, controlling the affecting factors is also important.

Go Shopping for Owner Operator Insurance

Assuming that we already know all things that we need, we can begin shopping on our own. Hiring insurance brokers is not needed and it begins with requesting quotes from some different companies.

When requesting quotes, we are asked to fill some information. This is the first step how insurance companies determine the rates. After the quotes are obtained, compare them, but ensure we compare the same policy with sufficient coverage. Going for excessive or less sufficient coverage will come to a bad end.

We just need a policy that suits to us and our business. It can be tricky unless if comprehend all things. However, it will be worthy to make us well informed. In the end, our owner operator insurance policy really allows us to save money.