Its Possible to Reduce Your Car Insurance Premiums

Car Insurance Premiums – If you want to get the cheapest car insurance, then you should keep the following points in mind.

If your car travels less than 7500 miles, then you get a discount on the car insurance premium. So this year try taking as much public transportation that you possibly can. If you think that public transportation doesn’t work for you, then try carpooling.

Its Possible to Reduce Your Car Insurance Premiums
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Don’t drink and smoke
No smoking can be good for your health and your car insurance premium. In fact you can get cheapest car insurance premium from most car insurance companies if you don’t smoke or drink.

Various discounts available
The other discounts that are applicable are for those that are have passed a defensive driving test. If you have safety measures such as alarms and airbags installed, then the car insurance premium will come down.

But since a number of safety features are becoming common in all makes of cars, these discounts may not hold true for too long. You may also get a discount if you insure your home and car with the same insurance company.

Shop around for car insurance quotes
The terms and conditions may change from company to company. Other companies may offer you better rates making them cheaper. But unless you shop around, you will never know.

You can get the car insurance quotes over the phone and the Internet. Shopping around may reduce the car insurance premiums for the following year.

Increase your deductibles
By increasing the deductibles for your car insurance policies, you can easily reduce the car insurance premium that you are likely to pay. You should increase the amount of deductibles for the comprehensive policies and you would be covered for the catastrophes.

Stop filing claims for small amounts, as it will lead to an increase in the car insurance premium for the following year.

Be a good driver
Remember that accidents can cost lives and your hard earned money. Be a good driver on road. If you have accidents or have traffic violations, your car insurance premium can increase quite steeply.

Also drop the collision coverage for the older cars, especially cars that are older than 7 years. In fact if the collision coverage amount reaches 10% of the book value of the car, then you probably shouldn’t take the collision coverage.

Honor roll in college saves car insurance premium
If your daughters and sons make it to the honor roll in college, then they can get discounts on their car insurance premium. Encourage your children to perform better in college and share the family car till they graduate. It’s a great way to save on the car insurance premium.

If you have a health insurance policy is quite comprehensive, then you can remove the medical reimbursement portions from the car insurance policy. This will also save you money for the car insurance premium.