Knowing the Average Cost of Motorcycle Insurance Before Buying

It is important for you to know more about the average cost of motorcycle insurance before picking any insurance rate for your motorcycle. Different from generic auto insurance which provide coverage for your car or other vehicles, motorcycle insurance is designed with different product and specification. Of course it makes the calculation of rate also different from car insurance.

 How much does it cost?

It is quite difficult to answer this question. Even to get the exact average cost of motorcycle insurance is not really easy. Every state has different standard and different policy to regulate motorcycle. But in average, let’s say in Alaska and Alabama it cost you about $20,000 to $50,000 to protect your motorcycle. It depends on your motorcycle condition, brand, and the type.

 Knowing the Average Cost of Motorcycle Insurance Before Buying
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While in some other states it can be much higher like $50,000 to $100,0000 per year, especially if you have big and sporty motorcycle. This price does not include the liability cost for the motor rider which costs you about $200 to $500 per year.

Again, you have to check the regulation and policy to have motorcycle, especially sporty and advanced engine motorcycle in your state.

Why the price can be high and different in every state? There are several reason, like in some areas biking is considered to be dangerous and increase the crime and accident rate.

Some states also consider that the high risk of riding motorcycle affects not only the rider but also people around him/her. It cost higher financial and social responsibility that affects the average cost of motorcycle insurance.

In some states in the US, climate and weather condition also affects the premium rate. Take for example, in northern states the premium rate for motorcycle is higher for the climate is more extreme and colder in winter.

This conditions make you must consider every single policy and regulation in your states, especially if you have more than one motorcycle which also affects the average cost of motorcycle insurance.

 Always consider your age

In spite of the difference premium rate and regulation, generally every state in the US consider the age of the rides. Though, the insurance rate might be similar for the same motorcycle, the liability coverage for the riders will be different depends on the age level. There are at least four common categories for motorcycle insurance due to your age and your motorcycle condition.

First, the 26 – 60 years old with good driving records. With similar average cost of motorcycle insurance this category gets you lower liability coverage. In average this kind of drivers get $200 to $500 for touring motorcycle per year.

For similar category, butt full coverage including crime protection like theft gets you higher rate for about $400 – $800 per year exclude the main premium charge.

How about bad driving record with similar condition? Well, it gets you much higher charge. You may be charger up to $1,000 exclude the main premium coverage. Though it seems more expensive, this price gets you full coverage including the damage against the third party property. However, you must keep your motorcycle in its best condition. It will be better for new motorcycle.

At last, for you who are in between 16 t0 24 years old with good driving record there is different policy. Don’t get it wrong! Different from car insurance which will get you lower price for young driver, the premium can be really expensive for young motor rider.

It can be over $1,0000. Some people are even charger up to $3,000 per year depends on the motorcycle condition. It is far from the average cost of motorcycle insurance.