Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance in Florida with Great Discounts

Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance – Dealing with auto insurance companies has never been difficult, actually. Reading reviews, customer complaints and checking the availability of discounts enable you to be sure that certain company will suit to your need. One of the insurance companies that may become your selection list is Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance, a subsidiary of Pearl Holding Group. To know more about Ocean Harbor Insurance Company, let’s take a look at this following information.

Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance in Florida with Great Discounts
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About the Company Products

Since its establishment in 1994, it only specializes on auto insurance policies. Basically, there are several insurance products offered to the customers. Most of them are the basic insurance policies that all drivers must have.

First is Liability Coverage that covers the legal liability for bodily injury for others or damage to their property. The state of Florida requires each driver to have Property Damage Liability.

This policy does not include your car or furnished car, or car that is regularly used by you or someone as one of your relatives that are not specifically covered under the policy. Then, it also excludes vehicles with wheels less than four, and claims for bodily injury to your family members.

Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance also offers personal injury protection that covers you as the driver and family members for bodily injury due to car accident no matter whose fault. If you will be covered for your medical expense up to 80% and loss of income until 60%.

Besides, this coverage also covers household services of replacement and death. This product is required by Florida state to each driver.

The exclusions exist since they will be covered by their own insurance policies.

Another product of Pearl Harbor Auto Insurance is uninsured motorist coverage that pays for your bodily injury as well as resident relatives that are caused by others fault.

This coverage will be paid when the fault person does not have liability insurance with inadequate limit to pay the damage and injuries due to hit-and-run accident.

Collision coverage will cover your damaged car due to collide with another car or object. The last is comprehensive coverage. It covers the damage of your auto that is caused by theft, fire, and other direct losses.

This coverage does not include damage that is caused by sound or electronic equipment like tapes, radar detectors, customized equipment and undeclared camper bodies.

Those are the products that Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance offers to you. The cheapest one, of course, is the minimum requirement as Florida State requires. However, minimum requirement is not frequently enough to cover the expense.

Increasing the coverage policy is the only way even though it becomes more expensive. What is the solution?

Availability of Discounts

With increasing coverage, you can check out whether or not you are eligible. This insurance company has agents that will gladly assist you to get the discounts.

Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance has particular requirements if you want the discounts. Commonly, customer combines their insurance policies.

It means you can combine your life, health and auto insurance under one umbrella policy. If you can have advanced payments, you can save your interest on the premium and simultaneously, you can save on your premiums.

Ocean Harbor also offers Club Discounts. These are quite popular among the insurers. So, you have to be a member of certain club in order to be eligible.

Your AAA or AARP membership will effectively reduce your payments up to 10%. Discounts may be given by some carriers if you have become the member of Ocean Harbor for certain period of time without filing a claim.

That is all about Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance. Even though there are still consumer complaints upon the claim and services, it is worth to consider this insurance company.