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OOIDA Truck Insurance (the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association) offers the most affordable insurance rate that can be a perfect solution for small business owners. However, it seems, all insurance companies provide us the same. Is OOIDA is good as the advertisement? We are going to give you brief review of OOIDA as consideration and let you decide whether you want to continue purchasing your truck insurance from OOIDA or not.

OOIDA Truck Insurance Review-What to Do for Money Savings
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About the Company

Since its establishment in 1973, OOIDA has been providing services of truck insurance for truckers and business owners who run a small business.

In the year of establishment, the USA was experiencing economy hardship, but it OOIDA kept going until now; OOIDA has more than 160,000 membership. We can say that OOIDA has sufficient experience in truck insurance.

So far, OOIDA can be said as the most experienced commercial truck insurance provider in the US. Since its establishment, it keeps giving the best insurance cost for the customers especially owner-operators.

OOIDA Services

OOIDA Truck Insurance provides complete coverage for trucking companies. The coverage is divided into three: owner operators with authority, leased owner operators and optional coverage.

If your commercial trucks officially belong to you, you will need to carry primary liability to protect your truck against loss due to accident that injure the third party and their property damage and FMSCA requires $750,000, and most brokers and shippers require $1 million limits.

Besides, you will need to carry general liability, motor truck cargo, passenger accident and physical damage.

If you have leasing trucks, OOIDA provides non-trucking liability, physical damage, bobtail liability and passenger accident.

There are some other optional types of coverage that OOIDA Truck Insurance provides as the conjunction with your physical damage coverage. Since they are optional, you have a choice to add one or two of them or not.

Some available types include supplemental towing and clean-up and roadside breakdown coverage. Consider your financial condition to add this since it affects your insurance cost.

How to Save Money from OOIDA?

Insurance costs you a lot of money even though you just carry the most important types of coverage. Carrying more coverage makes insurance cost even higher. However, there is a way for you to save money from truck insurance and OOIDA facilitates you to get this.

Being a member of OOIDA gives you a lot of benefits. Of course, it can be good news for those who want to save dollars. There are a variety of membership platforms that can only be accessed by those who already become the member of OOIDA Truck Insurance.

Once you gain the membership ticket, you can explore the available services. This ticket is specifically designed to offer of the independent and single driver so you can choose which services that gives your business safety and protection.

One of the benefits you can take from OOIDA is discount. OOIDA has been trying their best to get suppliers and manufacturers to develop discounts programs especially for the members on services and products.

Recently, OOIDA Truck Insurance has successfully developed a business with equipment manufacturers and also service providers to give you a lot of cost savings for those who already have membership tickets.

OOIDA discounts enable you to buy used or new equipments, parts, tire, hotels, after-market equipment, software, computers and many more. These can be obtained by members with membership ticket.

What You Need to Do Now?

OOIDA offers low-cost insurance rate with a lot of saving costs. What you need to do now is to prepare the coverage that you need for your business.

Just like other insurance companies, OOIDA assesses several factors to determine your insurance premiums. If you have truck drivers with good driving records, you have a bigger chance to get low cost insurance premiums from OOIDA Truck Insurance.