What Owner Operator Truck Insurance Coverage do We Need ?

Owner operator truck insurance is specifically for a truck owner to protect you and your truck if you are working for your own authority or under permanent lease to a motor carrier. Just like other types of insurance, truck insurance for owner operators also has several types of coverage. Only after determining coverage that you do need, you can purchase this insurance.

What Owner Operator Truck Insurance Coverage do We Need ?
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Let’s discuss those types and what to do to get the best insurance based on your situation.

Coverage of Truck Insurance for Owner Operators

When it comes to the coverage, we have to divide it into two elements. They are types of coverage for those working under their own authority and under to a motor carrier. Which side are you?

If you work for your own authority, liability insurance is the primary coverage of owner operator truck insurance you need. It consists of bodily injury liability to cover the medical cost of other people injured in an accident, and property damage coverage to pay for the damage of other people.

Then, physical damage coverage is optional to cover the repair cost of your trucks that can be triggered by a collision or a falling tree branch regardless of who is at fault in the accident. Your trucks can be at risk of theft, fire or an accident, so you have to include motor truck cargo insurance to pay the damage or loss.

On the opposite, if you are as the owner operator working under a permanent lease, the coverage included into the owner operator truck insurance policy will be primarily decided by the lease agreement.

The included coverage can be different from one motor carrier and another, but it typically includes primary liability coverage to pay the damage or bodily injuries for an accident where you are at fault.

The owner operator will possibly need other types of coverage into your policy. One of them is non-trucking liability coverage to give you protection if you are not under dispatch.

Then, there is also motor truck cargo insurance to cover the loss and damage towards the loads that you haul, and physical damage coverage to pay for the repair cost or replacement if your truck is damaged in an accident or stolen.

What to Do Next?

Decide one or two types of coverage of owner operator truck insurance before you begin shopping. You have to consider how much you can afford so your insurance will not be a financial burden.

If you are an owner operator under permanent lease, your motor carrier may suggest you to include one of those types of coverage. Well, it is your choice whether you want to include this or not. The real consequence to add more coverage is costlier insurance premiums.

However, if you can get the best deal by buying your insurance on your own, you can reduction costs. Besides, you can customize your owner operator truck policy that specifies your need and will know how much you protection you can carry.

To Get the Best Deal

When it comes to getting the best deal, there is no better suggestion than shopping around. Of course, you have to already determine the coverage that you need. You may have to talk to your motor carrier to see what the best coverage for the truck is.

Insurance quotes are recommended to obtain. A lot of insurance companies provide you online quotes. Request the quote from them and it will not take you a lot of time. Fill out the form with the same coverage and you will see which insurance company offers you the best deal.

There are a lot of rules including inclusions and exclusions in insurance. If you do not fully comprehend about these, you may have to get consultation with an agent. Only then, you have a complete understanding on your policy of owner operator truck insurance.