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At upwix.com, we consider that privacy of your personal information is extremely important. This privacy document is what we accept and collect when you are visiting upwix.com and how we record and keep that information securely. We underline that we shall never share that information to a third party.

About Log Files

Just like many other sites, we gather and use data of log files. All information at the log files includes your IP (Internet Protocol). ISP (Internet Service Provider), current browser that you use to visit and pages while visiting at upwix.com.

About Cookies

Our site uses cookies to store information, like your personal preference information when you visiting our site. That includes to show pop up window on your first visit, or to store your login information on our site.

upwix.com also uses third party advertisement to support our site. Some of the advertisers likely use cookies to show their ads on our site that also sends information to the ads vendor (such as Google through its Adsense program), information such as your IP address (Internet Protocol), ISP (Internet Service Provider), internet browser that you use and so forth. This is typically used for ads targeting based on location (such as showing insurance ads in New York) or show appropriate ads based on the sites that you have visited (such as showing off gadget ads for you who often visit gadget sites).

You are free to prefer disabling the cookies on your browser settings or settings in some programs like Norton Internet Security or else. However, this will affect your experience while you interact with our sites as well as the other sites. Besides, you cannot sign in to our service, like signing in to forum or your accounts.