QBE Auto Insurance – Offers and Reasons to Pick Your Auto Insurance

QBE Auto Insurance – Insurance market in the US has been skyrocketing and one of the insurance companies that contribute on this is QBE Auto Insurance, an Australian based auto insurance company that currently has more than 50 services in the US. If offers a lot of insurance services and products. For you who have just moved to the US, you can consider QBE as your insurer.

QBE Auto Insurance – Offers and Reasons to Pick Your Auto Insurance
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Before QBE changed the name, it used to be called North Queensland Insurance Company Limited in 1886. The letter Q comes the word Queensland.

Before 1973, QBE was merged with Equitable Probate and QBE and this company established QBE group. It is an international auto insurance company that is rated in 25.

QBE Agencies Unlike other auto insurance companies in the US, QBE auto insurance only has independent agencies. These agencies are different from dependent ones. They are well trained and officially licensed to sell this auto insurance.

Once you purchase auto insurance from QBE, someday you will have to file your claims. In order to release the claims, you have two choices.

If you initially write the policy with the independent agencies, you should contact the agency to continue the claiming process. Otherwise, you file directly the claims on the website.

What QBE Insurance Offers?

Now, if you can decide with whom you are going to purchase the auto insurance, it is the time for you to decide the coverage you actually need. There are some coverage options available for you.

QBE offers you standard coverage like collision, medical payments, bodily injury, property damage and comprehensive coverage. Meeting the legal requirement of the state you are living is a compulsory, but you have a choice whether you need comprehensive or collision coverage based on your current condition.

The minimum requirement for each state is also different, so you have to think about the best coverage that fits to your condition.

As international auto insurance provider, QBE auto insurance also offers you protection of non-standard automobile and commercial vehicle. As previously mentioned, QBE has independent agent if you want to write the policies.

The agents you can choose are General Casualty, Unigard Insurance and National Farmers Union.

Since QBE works with independent agencies, you will not be able to get the quotes from the official websites directly.

Besides, each agency does not always sell the auto insurance. Thus, beforehand, you have to contact QBE to find an agency around your neighborhood or you can visit one of the available subsidiary websites.

Why Should Be QBE?

Well, there are a lot of choices available in the marketplace about auto insurance companies. However, there are some reasons why you need to pock QBE auto insurance.

QBE is an international insurance provider with long experience of service. It has been more than 120 years QBE gives auto insurance services in the worldwide so now QBE has around $29 billion assets.

With this strong financial background, QBE has excellent rating and becomes preferable than other insurance companies in the US.

QBE auto insurance also has excellent customer service to handle all inquiries and claims processing. It gives you a comfort whenever you have to file your claims. You will be warmly welcome and get assisted by the customer service.

Additionally, you are eligible to get some rewards and discounts. Thus, you can always reduce the insurance cost by being eligible for the discounts.

The discounts are varied. You may be rewarded in the form of mature driver discounts, future renewal discounts, experienced driver discounts and also senior driver training discounts.

Are you interested in purchasing your auto insurance at QBE Auto Insurance? If you are, it might be the best time for you to find an independent agency to help you finding the best coverage for your need. Discounts are available for you if you are eligible for that.