Read This Before Your Purchase Rhode Island Auto Insurance !

Auto insurance is mandatory in Rhode Island, but the fact says that 15% of all cars in this state are uninsured. It means, although you already carry Rhode Island auto insurance with only liability coverage, you are not yet covered and protected. Clearly, liability coverage does is not sufficient to guarantee your protection and that’s why you need the other types of coverage.

This article will give you some other options of coverage. Since carrying more than liability makes the insurance cost higher, let’s see how you can get the cost in the lowest level.

Read This before Your Purchase Rhode Island Auto Insurance
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What Must Be Required Now ?

Since a lot of drivers in Rhode Island do not carry car insurance, we will need more than minimum requirement. Indeed, the minimum liability consists of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident for bodily injury coverage, and also $25,000 per accident. However, it will be nothing if you have an accident where the third party does not have car insurance.

Higher limit of liability coverage is highly recommended, but you will be suggested to carry uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. It can be the solution when the third driver is at fault in an accident but he/she does not carry or does not have sufficient car insurance.

That’s why the state requires all drivers to carry this coverage with equal limits to the liability coverage of Rhode Island auto insurance.

Moreover, uninsured/underinsured coverage will pay for the damaged property and bodily injuries caused in a hit-and-run accident.

Consider Other Types of Coverage !

Liability coverage and uninsured/underinsured coverage are mandatory, but you may need to consider purchasing other types of coverage considering that you are at fault in an accident and you are injured and your car becomes damaged.

For that reason, collision coverage is the option. It will pay the damaged vehicle in an accident where you are at fault. Car damage is not only caused by accident, but also other factors like wildlife, theft, severe weather or vandalism.

Type of Rhode Island auto insurance coverage that you need is comprehensive coverage. Those two types are particularly needed if you have leasing or financed car. Then, to provide you coverage to pay the medical expense, consider buying medical coverage.

Penalties for Not Carrying Car Insurance

Although the state requires each driver to carry at least the liability coverage, the government cannot control all drivers one by one. It means you actually have a chance for not to have it. However, once you are caught driving without car insurance, you are given penalties.

Even, those who have purchased Rhode Island auto insurance and fail to show the proof of insurance, they will be given these penalties. So, it is important for you to always take the valid verification of car insurance wherever you are going.

You will be fined with average amount between $500 and $5,000. You may also end up in revocation of license plate and vehicle registration with period offense 3 months up to one year.

Purchase Auto Insurance Now!

Don’t wait to get fined! It is time for you to purchase Rhode Island auto insurance. The main problem for all buyers is the expensive cost. Well, expensive or not, it is relative. When you think that liability coverage is cheap, of course, if you increase the limit and purchase other types of coverage, the insurance cost becomes higher and expensive.

Considering the importance, car insurance is crucial. Getting the average cost is important. Going to the cheapest rate means that you only carry the minimum liability.

To keep the cost within your reach, make sure that you drive safely, obey all regulations while driving, install safety features on your car, and store your car in a secured and safe garage while not in use.

Finally, by comparing insurance rates between the companies, you can get the best rate of Rhode Island auto insurance.