Are you planning to run a business in auto repair shops? Well, its market is vast and keeps increasing from time to time. The first thing to begin is to determine where you place your shop. Of course, it needs special design enabling the works to be done successfully. For those points, you will need auto repair shop floor plans to ensure that you keep everything in the right place.

It is the first time to develop, but you will also need to design the lay out. These following tips will give you floor plan ideas you can apply for your business plan.

Simple Tips to Set Up Auto Repair Shop Floor Plans
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Prioritize Your Insurance Adjusters and Customers

An auto repair shop needs a large area. Fumes and oils are common thing that we find there. However, in terms of welcoming customers to make them comfortable, we need a space that is separated from the body and paint refinishing areas. This space enables your customers to visit your repair shop, including making appointments and picking up their cars.

Besides, a lot of insurance adjusters possibly telecommute your auto repair shop just like what they do to other shops. This is how they approve and write estimates. It is important for you to spare space on your auto repair shop floor plans that can be in the reception area to make a good relationship with them.

Repair Area

What do you find while you are visiting an auto repair shop in your city? Most of them display the cars that are being repaired by the mechanics. Even though the building is large, this repair space is the largest one. Depending on the size of the area you have, you need to make the most of it.

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The most important thing is that while the cars are being repaired, they can be easily picked in and out. Besides, the auto repair shop floor plans have to be set in such a way in order that the repair space can load cars as many as possible (by considering working space of the mechanics).

In order to do this, the cars have to be at an angle, rather than going along with the length of the space. Only then, the space can load more cars.

Consider the tool box closed to the repair spot. It enables the mechanics to access the needed tools easily.  Think about where you have to put the drill press, surface plate, and other tools that mechanics use when they need complicated repair.


You will need another space for office. This is where you manage and monitor the entire activities in your auto repair shop. Ensure that it is comfortable since you will spend most of your time there supervising your employees, controlling the parts that have been sold or are going to buy and also the financial state.

Tool Room

Another space is needed in your auto repair shop floor plans. This is the tool room that stores all tools that are required to repair all vehicles. Make sure it has an accessible shelf so that your mechanics can find what they want easily. Perhaps, it is a lot better to spare a quite larger space especially if you commonly handle a lot of customers.

What Determine the Floor Plans ?

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Of course, the available space plays the main consideration on how to set up the floor. When you have larger room, you may add lounge in larger size added with facilities to make your customers comfortable. In many cases, larger floor is easier to set up.

Then, the shape of the floor also has to be considered. It affects how you arrange the rooms. Just make the most of the space and shape, auto repair shop floor plans goes along with them.