The Average Motorcycle Insurance Rates

Average motorcycle insurance rates – It must be cool when you can get around the town by a motorcycle with a loved one or friends. It gives different sensation with driving a car. Riding motorcycle is fun but you need to be more careful to ride safely. Besides, you should also pay higher rates of motorcycle insurance.

The Average Motorcycle Insurance Rates
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Yes, the average motorcycle insurance rates are mostly higher than car insurance rates. It is because motorcycle riding is more dangerous. A motorcycle rider gets higher risk of traffic accident. That is why you should pay bulky insurance premium for this.

The average motorcycle insurance rates are also depended on the driving history of the applicant. Anytime you ask a quote from a motorcycle insurance company, the driving history will determine the premium amount.

If you love riding a motorcycle, you can reduce the insurance premium by making sure that you always do safety riding. Increase your understanding about motorcycle well so that you can be a rider with safer way of riding. Increase the other safety issues too so that the premium will be much lower.

The Facts about Motorcycle Insurance

The average motorcycle insurance rates of motorcycle insurance can widely vary; it can start from hundreds of dollars to more than $1,000 in each month. More powerful motorcycle and riskier riders will get higher rates so that he must pay higher premiums every month. Each motorcycle rider must have different situation.

The insurance company will estimate the risks of one rider derived from the statistics related to other riders with similar situation. The factors of gender, the motorcycle riding area, the type of the motorcycle are the factors that could impact the motorcycle insurance costs.

Types of Motorcycle Insurance

The motorcycle insurance category is always depending on the types of the motorcycle, including the sport motorcycle type. The average motorcycle insurance rates can be lower or higher based on the motorcycle type.

If you have sport motorcycle which is faster and demands more capability of riding, you are in more risks while riding so that the motorcycle insurance premium will be much higher.


All motorcycle riders should have motorcycle insurance with some coverage types before riding their bike; it is a must in all states. But, there are still many bikers that don’t complete their safety with motorcycle insurance.

Based on the data of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every year, there are tens of thousands of people that get traffic accidents caused while riding motorcycle and they all need intensive medical treatment immediately. Besides, the motorcycle accidents also killed about 5,000 every year.

Things to Consider

The minimum coverage of motorcycle insurance is the damage coverage on property or other people as the victims of the accidents; it is the state mandate.

That is why you should make sure that you (as the motorcycle rider) have been in the insurance coverage before purchasing. Besides, you may need to consider the bike and other property coverage.

You can see that the average motorcycle insurance rates is not like car insurance; no passenger’s coverage except you pay more premiums for the coverage. The higher premiums are also commonly for tow, personal belongings, and roadside help coverage; the coverage may increase the premiums a little.

If you want to make lower the average motorcycle insurance rates, there are some ideas to do before purchasing. To get a big discount, you should have certification from safety course. By having the certificate, you are likely to be safer biker and the accident possibility is decreasing up to 50%.

That is why the insurance rates will decrease. Besides, you should also improve the safety of your motorcycle itself to prevent the bike from theft. Just install alarm or other kinds of anti theft device. It will make your motorcycle safer from theft up to 90% and it reduces the insurance rates.