The Worst Possibilities for Not Carrying Phoenix Auto Insurance for Mercedes G Wagon

Phoenix is one of the cities in Arizona State. It means anything related to Phoenix auto insurance for Mercedes G Wagon refers to the law of the state. It basically says that all cars except off-highway vehicles, non-registered non-operational cars and de-insured vehicles are required to carry car insurance. There is always a chance for you for not to carry it but the consequence will be severe once you fail to show the proof of insurance during any traffic stop or accident.

The Worst Possibilities for Not Carrying Phoenix Auto Insurance for Mercedes G Wagon
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What if you really fail? What do you have to face? This article will tell you more about the consequence and the least action to get through all of these.

Possible Penalizations

Phoenix has more than one million people with a lot of cars on the streets. The traffic is heavy so the chance to get accident is high enough. No wonder that the state requires each driver to carry car insurance. And penalties will be given to you if you fail to show the proof.

The most possible penalty if you fail to show the proof of Phoenix auto insurance for Mercedes G Wagon to the officer is fines around $500 for the suspension and violation of the driver’s license including plates and registration for around three months. This is the first penalty you will receive.

However, if the next time you fail again, the fines will increase up to $750 and the penalty applies for three years and include suspension of the driver license, plates and registration for six months.

The fines will be a lot higher if you fail again in the third time. You have to pay $1,000 and your registration number, plates and driver license will be suspended for one year.

All privileges can be reinstated only if you already pay the fees and also submit the Financial Responsibility proof to the MVD. At this time, you have to be familiar with SR-22 that issued by a purchasing car insurance. It takes time around three years to recover this state.

What to Decide Next ?

If you have been driving in the streets of Phoenix and not carrying Phoenix auto insurance for Mercedes G Wagon, you do not have to wait until you are caught driving without the proof of car insurance.

Paying the fines and suspended driver license are two penalties you have to face. However, you may have to pay more when you have to face the most unfortunate situation: car accident. It may be okay if you are not badly injured.

Even if you are not but you are at fault in an accident, you have to pay for the entire expense of medical bills and property damage due to the accident. It means, you will have to pay more than fines.  It is not yet included the medical bills of yours. You may fall into bankruptcy.

All of those are the worst possible consequence if you do not carry Phoenix auto insurance for Mercedes G Wagon. What you have to do next is purchase it and don’t think about spending money for nothing. Insurance is all worthy for your protection.

The Least Requirement

Perhaps, money is all what you consider when it comes to purchasing car insurance. Well, a lot of drivers face the same as yours. Some others think that they are charged higher than they should be. Actually, if you just want to be legal driving on the streets, you just need to carry the minimum liability coverage.

This is the requirement for each driver to carry. Phoenix, as the part of Arizona, requires each driver to have at least $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident of bodily injury or death liability and $10,000 per accident for property damage liability. Almost all insurance companies provide this. It will be the lowest or cheapest car insurance you can get.

If you have more money, you will need to increase the limit to make sure that your Phoenix auto insurance coverage for Mercedes G Wagon can cover the entire expense.