Things You Need to Know Before Applying for Temporary Auto Insurance

Temporary Auto Insurance – For those who cannot buy a car, renting is the best way. However, when you are going to use it for traveling in a long distance, you will need temporary auto insurance, an insurance policy that is purposed for short term. Unlike standard policy that usually lasts for full year, temporary insurance only lasts for one day up to 28 days. Renewing policy is always possible if you want it.

Things You Need to Know Before Applying for Temporary Auto Insurance
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Things to Understand About Temporary Car Insurance

As previously mentioned, this type of insurance is only for short term usage. You can insure the car with ranging period between one and 28 days.

Talking about the benefits, it is just like standard auto insurance. Surely, meeting legal requirement is the primary thing you can get, but more than that, when you have a car accident, this kind of insurance protects your driving record and saves you amount of money.

How? It is because you will get instant cover for your car. If your car is damaged due to the accident, you can get your car repaired and the repair costs will be entirely covered.

Besides, you stand a chance of getting additional coverage for multiple drivers. It means that in the future, if your relatives or friends ask you to borrow your car, the insurance does not stop you from lending the car to them.

Temporary auto insurance is not always for you who want to borrow or hire a car to go for travel. However, if you are now having test driving a new car, short-term car insurance will be good for you or when you are just driving your new car to your garage.

In case you are moving to other town and you have to transport all things in a truck, (and you have no truck), this insurance will be beneficial for you.

Apparently, it is not everyone who is eligible for temporary auto insurance. If you just have driving license for couple of days, you cannot have short-term auto insurance. Your driving license should be effective at least one year to be eligible.

How to Apply for Temporary Car Insurance?

The process of application is a lot shorter and easier than standard auto insurance. It can be done online, so that you have to do now is to do online searching to find auto insurance that provides this type of insurance.

When it comes with application, you have to look up all the requirements for online application. All of them will be sent online.

But, you will find that some insurance companies do not provide you online application. If you can apply online, you can purchase temporary auto insurance anytime you like since they are available 24 hours a day.

Even if you are not satisfied with the services, the cancelation can also be done so easily unlike standard insurance with complicated process.

All that you need to do is to make a cancellation letter. Refunding can be a little bit complicated and each company will have different procedures from cancellation.

Before apply for temporary auto insurance, you had better do searching like purchasing standard auto insurance.

You had better look out some different companies and what they offer to you. Even though it is just for a short period, if you can find a right company, you can save amount of money.

So, you have to find online quotes from several different companies. A notification will be sent via email if you meet the requirements.

If you are now above 25 years old, have good driving record and clean credit history, the insurance company will charge you lower rate.

That’s a brief overview about temporary auto insurance. Be sure you understand all you need before applying for this insurance in certain provider.