Top 5 Best Rated Auto Insurance Companies

It is pretty challenging to determine the best rated auto insurance companies to protect your vehicle. Every company claims their insurance is the best insurance for your vehicle. So, which one the best? There are at least five insurance companies in the US that you have to consider.

 Geico car insurance

The first insurance company is the Geico can insurance. As a trustworthy company, Geico seems to offer low cost to provide your car good coverage. It is also known that gives the consumers easy timely manner.

Top 5 Best Rated Auto Insurance Companies
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Though you have to be aware of that sometime Geico charges you with increased rate without clear notification, they offer you some discounts you can claim.

Check your car, you can get 40% discounts if your car has safety system at least seatbelts and airbags. Don’t forget to keep your accident record clean to get you 26% more discounts.

At last, only for students who join any academic or professional group you will get an extra 25% discounts, you can also show your GPA to get 15% for good students. Indeed it makes Geico one of the best rated auto insurance companies for younger driver especially students.

 Allstate auto insurance

In the second place, you have to note Allstate as another great auto insurance company. Allstate offers you higher price rate than Geico, but still it is affordable.

In addition, Allstate gives the consumers excellent explanation for the policy, price rate and any adjustment they may make in the future. A national survey conducted in January 2015 notes Allstate as the best auto insurance which gives excellent service.

How about the discounts? Allstate offers you up to 68% discounts for you who have good record of credit and 32% discounts for you who have clean accident record.

Don’t forget to check you car condition, new car will get 30% lower rate and any car with at least seatbelts and airbags safety system also get 30% discounts. As excellent car insurance, Allstate gets you standard coverage with some additional protection for the driver.

 Car insurances for farmers

In the third and fourth chart, you will find car insurance for farmers like the Farm State and the Farmer Insurances. For you who have farms Farm State offers you excellent service, with online agent for every consumer.

It makes you easier to contact the company anytime you need any information or explanation to file a claim. It makes this company get 8 out 10 of consumer satisfaction rate in 2014.

As one of the best rated auto insurance companies for farmers, they cover bodily injury liability, medical payment under some policy, collision, and of course the damage again property and third party property.

Keep your credit in excellent record. Why? The Farm State get you up to 80% discounts for good credit record. Don’t forget to keep your accident record clean. It gets you an extra 25% discounts for the premium rate.

While the Farmer Insurance offers you similar coverage with some optional like the accident forgiveness, glass coverage, and roadside assistance. It is rated after the Farm State for it has lower discounts like the 5% discount for any environment friendly car and the 10% discount for the bundling home insurance with car.

Though it has no man – to – man insurance agent customer service, Farmer Insurance still offers you excellent service that makes this company one of best rated auto insurance companies.

 Progressive car insurance

At last, you have to consider the Progressive car insurance. This good service make Progressive get 4 out of 5 consumer satisfaction. You also have to show your credit record.

Progressive offers you up to 84% discounts for you who have excellent credit record and of course get you an extra 30% discounts for you who choose multiple policy insurance from Progressive. Just take a look at this company deeper for it is the best rated auto insurance companies.