Top Tips to Reduce Rates of Car Insurance for College Students

Car insurance for college students – Being a college student with car will require car insurance for college students. It applies for most states in the US. With this insurance, students will be legally driving and get protected in case they face unfortunate situation. However, most college students have the same problem: limited budget and expensive car insurance.

Top Tips to Reduce Rates of Car Insurance for College Students
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Those two problems become the main consideration for college students. However, it won’t happen anymore only if they know the importance of car insurance and easy tips to get cheap insurance. The following information will tell you more about that.

The Importance of Car Insurance 

Previously mentioned, car insurance gives protection to college students. What kind of protection actually? First, insurance is protection of investment. Whenever students get an accident and the cars have been damaged or they are injured, any expense will be entirely covered. This is the second benefit. Students get compensation for medical bills due to the accident.

Then, the entire cost occurred due to the accident will also be compensated by insurance company including car repairs triggered by natural disaster and vandalism. The car that has been stolen will also be compensated.

Seeing those benefits, having car insurance for college students will make them have peace of mind.

The Fact about Car Insurance

Well, those are the benefits that college students will get. However, it cannot be denied that it is still expensive especially if students rely on parents’ support for the insurance. Working part time is also often not sufficient to pay the insurance.

The main reason for why car insurance becomes so expensive is that most college students are under 25. As we know, being under-25 will be regarded as high risk driver due to their less experience in driving.

Insurance companies willy-nilly charge more due to the high risk they have to protect. Car insurance for college students is increasingly more expensive when they decide to buy collision and comprehensive coverage.

The amount of premium for a college student ranges between $1,500 up to $1,500 per year. That amount is pretty high and perhaps, they would rather not to buy this insurance. However, driving in the streets of the US will be very dangerous especially if they are caught without car insurance.

How to Get Cheap Insurance for College Students

Once college students become 25, automatically they can reduce the insurance cost. However, it will be a problem if they need it now and are not yet 25 years old.

There are several ways to get cheap car insurance despite being under 25. One of the best tips is keeping the driving mileage low. Car is better used when necessary.

Going out by car on the weekends have to be cut off. If the mileage can be controlled up to under 10,000 miles per year, the insurance rates can be remarkably reduced. Insurance companies likely give them mileage discounts.

As students, they have to study hard. If they can achieve a good academic record, insurance companies likely offer them good student discounts. There is a specific requirement about the minimum academic achievement so be sure everything is clear before applying for the discounts.

The cars have to be secured. It means it has to be installed with safety devices such as anti theft device, air bags, car alarm and so forth. If now students have sporty car, they need to consider replacing their own cars. Sports cars are usually higher insurance rate.

For more, while driving, students have to be careful and avoid speeding tickets. All traffic regulations have to be obeyed. Only then, they can keep their driving record clean that affects to their insurance rates.

In short, car insurance for college students can be expensive, but there are some ways to reduce the insurance cost. In the end, insurance cost will not be a problem anymore.