Types of Food Truck Insurance and How Much They Possibly Cost You

Food truck insurance gives protection for truck owners or operators that run a business on transporting foods with the use of trucks. Besides, it is also suggested for restaurant owners that have commercial trucks to transport foods. Whatever your business, food trucks are the subject matter why you need this insurance.

Types of Food Truck Insurance and How Much They Possibly Cost You
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When it comes to types of coverage, you have got several choices. All of them are created to fit to your business need. We will see types of coverage including the conditions that make you need and how much it possibly costs you.

General Liability Insurance

Lawsuits may happen anytime due to several things. Poisoning food is just one example. Your business then will need general liability insurance. Third party’s lawsuits will be covered over illness, copyright infringement and also property damage. This type of coverage will give protection towards your business against those lawsuits.

This good truck insurance coverage costs you around $500 up to $602 per year. The policy limit may go up to $2 million, but general liability does not have policy deductible.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Your food trucks often travel from one place to another place, transporting foods. Truck drivers have to face a lot of dangers on the streets and in the most unfortunate situation, you likely have an accident. Since your business is invested into your food trucks, you will need commercial auto insurance.

For that matter, this type of coverage is often mandatory for food truck industries when you file for permits or even licenses with your city government. This coverage covers the repair costs, legal expense when you are being sued and also medical cost for the third party that is injured on the accident. You may include protection against uninsured drivers on your policy.

This food truck insurance coverage may cost you between $1,274 and $3,148 per year. You may increase the coverage limit but your basic limit will be affected by on truck. Deductibles apply here if you want it depending on your needed coverage.

Business Property Coverage

Your truck is not the only part of your business that can be injured. The towed grill or oven may have the same thing. Even though grill or oven is just supplemental aspects of your food preparation, you have to think how to protect it.

Then, food truck insurance coverage that applies here is business property coverage. Besides, it also protects your business against the third-party lawsuits.

It may cost you around $500 and $1,119 per year and the policy limit may reach up to $2 million. You can add $250 as the deductibles.

Worker’s Compensation Coverage

Most states in the US require business owners to carry worker’s compensation coverage for food trucks that have employees. If you are the business owners and you employ truck drivers, this coverage becomes urgent. However, if you are the operator of the trucks without hired employees, this coverage is not needed.

This type of food truck insurance coverage covers the lost wages and medical expenses including lawsuits from your injured employees during the working hours. This coverage may cost you around $1,436 to $2,490.

Get Your Insurance for Food Trucks

You already know the types of coverage. You just need to review them and think what coverage your food trucks possibly need by considering your financial condition. A lot of insurance companies provide insurance for food trucks. Shop around first by obtaining insurance quotes for comparison so you can get the best deal.

The process is easy and quick. You just need to fill out online insurance application or form and within fifteen minutes; you will be delivered quotes of food truck insurance.