Using A 4 N 1 Auto Emergency Tool

My truck was almost perfect in workmanship. It had all new door seals, new undercoating throughout and even an all new engine. When I installed the new engine I put a snorkel air cleaner on it so you could drive in deep water.

Using A 4 N 1 Auto Emergency Tool
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I sprayed Wd-40 on the plug wires so they wouldn’t drown out in deep water. As i was getting ready to go mudding with my buddies it dawned on me that I could take the emergency auto tool and place it in the glove box so I would have it for a flash light in case it got dark.

There were four of us going trucking through the mud so we were all getting our gear together. We each had a list of safety equipment to take so we didn’t take four of one item. On my list was a high lift jack and a chain.

After checking the list for everybody nobody had an auto emergency tool. I showed everybody mine just so they new I had it with me on the outing. I explained to them that with this tool I could use it as a flashlight or use it with the flashing red lights as a warning of trouble.

It can also cut the seat belts if you can’t get your seat belt undone and you need out of the vehicle. Its got a pointed steel tip for breaking out the window glass if your car is flooding with water. With all these handy functions they said you better bring it.

We got going on the trip which was about an hour away from home. Its been my experience that when breaking the glass before you should strike quickly and with force. Lightly tapping the glass usually won’t cause the glass to break.

As far as the seat belt cutter, it works really well and can be used for cutter other stuff like your blue jeans if you got hurt and needed to get to the injured area really quickly.

The flashing lights can be used for getting someones attention, or for signaling traffic when your broke down and your car is in the traffic lane. When I used the flashlight several times I realized that the list is long for times when you need a handy flashlight.

As we got there the park manager told us it had rained there about 3 inches the day before. We went on into the park and got to our starting point which was the advanced portion of the park in regards to hills and roughness. We got started going up some pretty good hills right away which we didn’t think was to bad a challenge.

As we got to the top of the second climb we noticed that there was no going back and it was a level bed of mud for about a mile from what we could see. So we kept on going only to find out that the mud got wetter until we got to mostly water.

I rolled up the windows so the truck wouldn’t get water inside it and kept plowing away until all at once it got to deep and I couldn’t go any more. My 35 inch tires were slinging water and mud everywhere but it seemed that we were sinking. Water started coming in the doors quickly so I was beginning to panic.

In fact it seemed like my feet were under water so I decided to get out but couldn’t because the door wouldn’t open. I was panicking since my seat belt wouldn’t open either. I got out the emergency auto tool and cut the seat belt then crawled out the window to safety.

The rest of the guys decided not to try and go through the deep water and mud that I finally made it back to the start of the park and were happy everybody was safe and all the trucks were still running.