What are Top Ten Auto Insurance Companies in the US ?

What are top ten auto insurance companies in the US? These articles have selected ten insurance companies that can be used as references in case you plan to purchase auto insurance or change your insurance policy to another company. These lists are based on insurance reviews from their official websites that include their diverse programs, and special target of market, ratings and quality services.

What are Top Ten Auto Insurance Companies in the US
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The ideal market of this company is teen drivers. Allstate promises to offer cheap insurance price for teen drivers. It becomes the most strongly marketed policy. So, it can be called one of ten best insurance companies from the insurance price especially for teen drivers.

A lot of appealing programs are offered to the selected clients, such as free games and rewards. But, there are more other programs that have been specifically created for young drivers.


If you become the member of Military and Veteran community, GEICO is best chosen as your car insurance company. GEICO gives a lot of scholarships, donations and also assistance programs for those who used to be in army or are still in army.

So, the insurance policies and plans are best applied for these selected clients in USA army. As one of the top ten auto insurance companies, GEICO offers low cost and premium insurance for veteran families or veterans.


If you are a common driver, Progressive can the best option since it offers you variety of discounts. The discounts sometimes change but there is chance to take advantage of them in longer period. With discounts eligibility, you can remarkably reduce your insurance cost.


If you want to receive your agent, Infinity is the best answer. You can stay away from stress when you find that your representative has to spend very long time file your claim.

Get an affordable car insurance rate with personalized services. Due to this distinct feature, Infinity deserves to be included into top ten auto insurance companies.


There is no better company than Nationwide in terms of its services. Perhaps, you may find the insurance rates not competitive enough, but a lot of facilities that enables you to repair your car where you check the progress online.

Liberty Mutual

If you are tired finding a good insurance, Liberty Mutual is the one providing you professional and friendly customer service. With good insurance rate offered to its clients, you will find that Liberty Mutual is the best insurance company that allows you to save money for a long time period. Being loyal is the key to make your lower and lower.


When car insurance rate is going up all the time, finding one of the top ten auto insurance companies is a good solution. One of them is Esurance, a company that answers the skyrocketing insurance cost. It gives the best rate. Changing your current is possible within seconds and pays the bills as well.

State Farm

Quick and easy claim becomes the main feature of State Farm as one of the auto insurance companies. It offers competitive insurance cost with better coverage. With 24/7 services, whenever and wherever you have loss, you will be taken care of.


It specifically offers the a great deal for money saving per year. With better services, you can file a claim quickly and easily. Insuring your car and home at AAA allows you to get a cheaper rate.

21st Century Insurance

When an insurance company is getting bigger with more hired employees, you typically find it arrogant. 22st Century Insurance is one of big insurance companies, but it gives you great satisfaction ever. Save more money if you insurance your car at 21st Century.

Those are top ten auto insurance companies based on customer and expert reviews. Despite the appealing services and offer, be careful when choosing your policy. Determining the needed coverage is a lot more important that choosing a company.