What Determine Your Classic Truck Insurance Premiums ?

Classic truck insurance is needed as protection for those who spend most of their time on trucks despite its expensive cost. Of course, the main protection is against accident that happens without any prediction of where and when. Besides, trucks attract more theft so you are at higher risk of being stolen.

What Determine Your Classic Truck Insurance Premiums ?
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However, without insurance, you are financially at risk of falling bankruptcy since any damage leads to pretty high cost. The consequence of carrying insurance is paying the premiums.

Each one has a chance to get low price only if getting the right policy. This can only be obtained after understanding some elements you have to take into account prior to purchasing this insurance.

Cost of the Truck

No one can tell how insurance companies assess our trucks so that they determine our insurance rate. However, the first thing that they take into account is the cost of your trucks.

If you have classic truck, it means they are already relatively old. So the value is not seen from how expensive your trucks are, but classic truck insurance companies will review the model and make of your trucks.

Besides, how far your trucks have been traveling and age of your trucks will also be assessed. If your trucks are seen to have high value, don’t be surprised that you end up with paying higher premiums.

Parts and Repair Costs of the Trucks

Classic trucks are not like modern ones in terms of parts. When you happen to visit a warehouse, all parts of trucks available there are ordered in bulk. This is easy to do since those parts are for modern trucks.

Classic trucks, on the other hand, needs special order to get the parts. No wonder that the price of classic trucks are relative more expensive. That is what the dissimilarities of classic and modern trucks.

When it comes to repair cost, furthermore, classic trucks will be more expensive, as well since only special mechanics perform the task. Despite its classic, companies of classic truck insurance typically have provided you good mechanics to repair your classic trucks.


When we are talking about safety, we need to think of how safe your trucks are. Well, you may think that your trucks are relatively old, but you must understand that these are great to driver.

That is why your classic trucks attract people to see, and may be, thefts. This is the cons of classic trucks. Due to its popularity, they become the target of vandals and thefts.

Your classic truck insurance will help you to protect your car from thefts and vandals. However, frequently, the insurance premiums become a lot higher than modern trucks. As prevention, you had better make sure that your trucks are stored in a locked garage or an area with high safety level system.

The Needed Policy

To keep your classic trucks protected, there is variety of insurance policies available for you. Each policy covers you to a distinct extent. Some types of coverage are provided such as liability coverage, emergency coverage, non-trucking insurance or third-party insurance.

In order that the classic truck insurance premiums are a lot more affordable, the easiest tip is to get simpler coverage.

However, protection is the first thing you have to consider when it comes to purchasing insurance policy. Indeed, simpler coverage makes lower premiums, but the coverage becomes lower and simpler. When the repair cost, parts cost or bodily injury exceeds the coverage, you have to spare your own money to pay the rest.

All in all, purchasing truck insurance especially for classic ones need more than price. Protection is the main priority. Make sure you compare quotes before you fall into a particular company of classic truck insurance.