What to Consider When Designing Auto Repair Shop Layout ?

Auto repair shop layout – If you have been dreaming about owning an auto repair shop and are about to start with it, you need to plan and design your auto repair shop layout. It will be the initial step before you build your repair shop. To make the shop as your wish, ensure that you include all things you need in your auto repair shop. There will be a lot of things to consider and this article is telling you what to take into account when designing your layout. The detail will be given as follows.

What to Consider When Designing Auto Repair Shop Layout
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Available Space – Auto repair shop layout

Surely, you want a large repair shop so that you can serve as many as vehicles. However, it will be a problem what you have a limited space, especially if you locate the shop in a big cities with a lot of shops around you.

No matter how small or large the space you have, you need to be realistic. Make the most of the space so that you can include all required elements of repair shop in your garage.

Be flexible and it will be a lot better not to stick to what you want but what you have. Then, you can step further to the next.

Know What You Need – Auto repair shop layout

You must have been thinking deeply about your auto repair shop entirely. To make you customers satisfied with your repair, you have to be confident that you already own all elements that you need for repair.

Your auto repair shop layout has to include all equipments such as planner, toolbox, vacuum pump, sharpener, compressor, sand blaster, shelves, wood band-saw, SCMS, belt sander, jointer and so forth. Table saw with woodworking bench is a must in a good layout design. Grinder and drill press will also be needed when you repair your customers’ vehicles.

Think the Details – Auto repair shop layout

Auto repair shop needs more equipments and spaces than auto body shop. That’s why you have to make sure that you already include them into your auto repair shop layout.

An amazing layout design tells you how to get this good. The information before gives you all elements and equipments in a good shop. Sometimes, you only need one kind of equipment, like sharpener, wood band-saw, vertical mill with 3 phase power and drill press.

However, you need to include shelves in some spots in your auto repair shop. Shelves can be functioned for a lot of usages, so having some will be good addition.

Considering the space you have, you just need to make the most of it. Large space can be easier to manage, but the small one is not difficult. You just need to arrange the equipments based on the size and shape of the space. Just include them in your auto repair shop layout.

It is not rare you have to place the equipments in a certain direction. Even though it looks odd, the most important thing is that the mechanics can do their jobs easily and without any hindrances.

Get Your Layout Design Now -Auto repair shop layout

Designing your auto repair shop layout is actually not difficult. You just need to be sure you know the process of repair. Only then, you can arrange the equipments in the best place. Wrong placement of equipments just causes the repair process slightly delayed.

However, in case you need some ideas, there are some layout design ideas that you can use as reference to design your auto repair shop. Of course, you cannot simply stick to it.

When you decide to use one of those layouts, ensure it has included all equipments in a good arrangement. Some free auto repair shop layout designs are available for free download. Just get advantage of them and start your business in auto repair shop now.