What to Do to Find Recommended Auto Repair Shops in Jacksonville, FL

If you happen to have just moved to Jacksonville, FL, you have a lot of time to enjoy this beautiful city. Driving on your car with your family is fun time to spend. However, when your car needs repairing, you will look for good auto repair shops in Jacksonville, FL.

Fortunately, there has been a non-profit organization called ASE or the National for Automotive Service Excellence. An expert of vehicles at ASE told us how to find a good auto repair shop in this city. These guidelines below will be useful for those who just moved to Jacksonville or want to find another auto repair shop.

What to Do to Find Recommended Auto Repair Shops in Jacksonville, FL
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Keep Asking, Consulting and Reading

There are a lot of sources that can tell you where to go to repair your vehicles. Your friends, co-workers or family may have ever repaired their vehicles and find a good repair shop. Ask recommendations from them. They tell the truth, so you find reliable information.

Then, you may need to have a consultation with BBB or Better Business Bureau and also the chambers of commerce.

From them, you can get review of auto repair shops in Jacksonville, FL including their reputation of those repair shops. Ensure you find the phone number and also resolution for customers’ complains.

Since online sources will be useful, take advantage of online searching to find a good one. In case there is fan page in social media, just find them and read the reviews from the customers and their official websites.

Look the Facilities and Location

Both available facilities and location need to be taken into consideration, but choosing an auto repair shop just because it is located in strategic and convenient location is not suggested.

Then, you have to ensure that the auto repair shops in Jacksonville, FL have complete facilities and the technicians are experienced in repairing vehicles with the same model and type as yours.

Find the Mechanics’ Competence

Whether the mechanics can repair your vehicles with a good result, it primarily depends on their competence. The signs are seen from their certificates and education degree. More than that, good mechanics will have been certified by ASE. ASE is the standard competence nationally.

Find the Obtained Awards and Professionalism

There are some indications that you can easily see from their awards. Good auto repair shops are ever awarded for their excellent customer service and vehicle services and maintenance.

When auto repair shops in Jacksonville, FL become the member of the Better Business Bureau, those shops may deserve to consider.

Their employees that consist of customer service, technician, mechanics, service writer or even the manager, have to be professional in their fields. When your questions are answered thoroughly, it means they do their jobs professionally.

Find the Detail Information

As the customer, you have to know everything, even the labor rates and fee for testing before you let a technician do some repair on your vehicles. Good auto repair shops in Jacksonville, FL will post those services in front of office or waiting room, including methods of payment, guarantees, diagnostic work and so forth.

Find Some Customers

You may have read reviews on blogs or official websites including the customer reviews. However, sometimes, those reviews are fake. To make sure that you get the real reviews from customers that ever try to use certain repair shop services, find some of them as references.

You just ask the customer service about customers who have just come before. Call those people and ask the services and their quality.

When you feel a repair shop is good, you may decide to go there. However, do not directly ask the technicians to do the mayor jobs. Just begin with minor jobs like an oil change or tire rotation.

When you are satisfied, you can come again next time. Only then, you will be sure that the auto repair shops in Jacksonville, FL are really good.