What We Have to Know Before Calling Auto Owners Insurance Phone Number ?

Auto owners insurance phone number – Are you moving to a new state? There are a lot of things that you need to prepare and pack. New home and environment is before us, but what is more important is new driving license and insurance policies. For those who have been the customer of Auto Owners Insurance, they just need to get Auto Owners Insurance phone number once they arrive in the new states. Call it and we can discuss what kind of policy and the rates we will get.

What We Have to Know Before Calling Auto Owners Insurance Phone Number
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If you are just people who do not yet buy auto insurance and plan to buy it from Auto Owners, having the phone number will be useful. Let’s know it better below before you contact the customer service.

About Auto Owners Insurance

It has been established since 1916 and now has more than 3,400 insurance policyholders across the country. Auto Owners Insurance is rated 3.3/5 of company satisfaction, 3.5/5 of customer service and 3.6/5 of agent satisfaction.

In short, this company is quite recommended for new drivers and clients who want to renew their insurance policies. The general Auto Owners Insurance phone number is (517) 323-1200.

Of course, all customers want affordable policies. Auto Owners really have it. With rating 4.3/5 of affordability, this company is usually called as a bargain for customers. It implies, we always stand a chance of getting the best rate for all policies.

We can compare to other insurance companies and decide whether what is offered there is indeed affordable or not.

Discounts Available at Auto Owners

Before we call Auto Owners Insurance phone number, be sure that we do not forget to ask the discounts if we are going to buy new or renew our insurance policies. There are several types of discounts available.

Some of them include good credit with reduction up to 69% , air bags/seatbelt with reduction to 35%, more than one cars in single policy (21% reduction), good student (10% reduction), anti theft device installed (10%) and many more.

The biggest chance to reduce the rate is by qualifying for good driving record discounts. Now, if we are a kind of drivers with good driving records, just call Auto Owners Insurance phone number and ask for the discounts.

Available Coverage

All types of coverage are offered by Auto Owners Insurance. The standard liability includes bodily injury liability, medical payments, property damage liability, and collision, comprehensive and uninsured or underinsured motorist.

If you have more budgets and will never face any problems with increasing premiums, you can consider buying roadside assistance and rental reimbursement. The later will be around $5-10. Imbursement can go up to $1,500 per accident or $50 per day.

Making Claims

Overall, this insurance has an excellent customer service. Filing claims can be done in simple ways. In short, the process begins with calling Auto Owners Insurance phone number namely (888) 252-4626 or reporting online at the official website. Otherwise, calling agent is also available to use.

Then, talk to an insurance adjuster. The damage will be soon evaluated personally. We may be recommended a repair shop. With the adjuster, we need to take the complaints we file to the manager of claims at the regional office. Last, further complaints have to be made to our current state insurance department.

All information above will need to be understood when we are going to buy our new car insurance policy or want to renew the current policy. If you have been a client of another’s insurance company, make sure you compare quotes when it comes to renewal.

Having bad driving record or DUI or else may result higher insurance rate. But, this company offers a lot of types of discounts that we can take advantage of to reduce the rates. Just call Auto Owners Insurance phone number now and buy one of the policies.