Why Average Cost of Auto Insurance is Different in All States

Average cost of auto insurance – How much is average cost of auto insurance in the United States? This question commonly arises when someone wants to make sure that he/she gets the best insurance rate or not or those who are the first the time drivers and plan to get certain policy.

Why Average Cost of Auto Insurance is Different in All States
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The answer of this question cannot be given in specific number. All that you have to know that insurance rate is variably different from state to state. That also applies the insurance rate either monthly or annually. To get more understanding about this, let’s just take a look at this following overview.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in the US

Let’s just give you some examples. These are the average of car insurance rate: Indiana, $100 (monthly) and $1,202 (annual); Iowa $88 (monthly) and $1,508 (annual); Kansas $113 (monthly) and $1,358 (annual); and Kentucky $112 (monthly) and $1,503 (annual). These are only four states, but other states also have different average.

How Insurance Cost is Different in Each State ?

Those data may become representation of insurance rate in the US. You may be wondering now how this average cost of auto insurance is different in each state.

Well, there are several affecting factors, but mainly, it is all because the minimum requirement of certain state. As you see above, each state is different each other since each state has different minimum requirement. State that has a lot of large cities will be higher insurance rate. For instance, Indiana is a lot lower than Kentucky.

Large cities with a lot of streets and high traffics usually have high rate of accident. That’s why the monthly insurance rate becomes higher. Insurance companies consider this since they also want to make sure that clients get enough coverage when they have an accident.

Then, some other factors like rate of car theft on particular state or cities, driving history of the driver and where the car is stored at night will also influence the average cost of auto insurance for each driver.

How to Get Lower Auto Insurance Cost ?

The average insurance cost is different in each state and driver. You may get higher or lower that the average. Higher cost means you have to pay more for your monthly or annual rate. For that point, is there a chance for us to get lower rate less than the state average?

In order that you have lower rate than the average cost of auto insurance in the state, there are several things that you need to know. First, let’s think about the affecting factors.

We cannot do anything towards the minimum requirements and the high traffic in the city where you are living now. However, your driving history will be taken into account.

To get lower rate, you will need a good driving history. It means, you have to avoid accident as best as possible, drive safely, avoid speeding tickets and obey all the traffic regulations while driving on the streets.

Insurance companies will regard you as a safe driver by giving you lower rate than the average cost of auto insurance in the state.

To make sure that your car has less likely to be stolen, you need to install safety features such as anti-theft device and air bags. Consider the place where you store your car at night if it is secured or not.

More importantly, you have to keep away from any chance of getting an accident. That can only be done if you drive less. Start from now, you may have to use your cars only for important matters. Going weekends or to work has to take public busses so you have low mileage.

In short, all of us have a chance of getting lower insurance rate. If we have lower rate than the average cost of auto insurance in the state, we can have great money saving.