You’d Better Know This – Budget Truck Rental Insurance Cost

Budget Truck Rental Insurance cost needs to be early anticipated before you do choose one of the protection plans provided for you. The plans are varied and each plan has its own particular price and plan details. Of course, when choosing one of the plans, we need to suit it to our need and our budget plan. Despite the low price of renting a moving truck, we do not want this insurance cost that Budget offers to us makes another financial burden.

You’d Better Know This – Budget Truck Rental Insurance Cost
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This article will help you to understand the cost of this insurance and what you can do to choose one of the insurance plans.

Insurance Cost for Each Category

Of course, you do realize that the importance of insurance when your business is going to move. All fragile materials, expensive inventory and valuable documents need to be protected while transporting. Budget Truck Rental is basically a business of rental trucks but it provides us an insurance that protects our important belongings to keep them protected.

The Budget Truck Rental insurance cost depends on type of coverage and the payment that you choose. Depending on your need, most people that ever used Budget Truck Rental services choose liability protection.

Liability insurance has two categories: basic liability and supplement liability. Basic liability insurance only costs you $15 per day, but if you prefer weekly payment, the cost becomes $105. It has no difference in cost whether you choose daily or weekly payment.

But, if you think you need the service for a week, it is a lot simpler to choose weekly prices. This coverage can be extended up to 100/300/25, where $100,000 for bodily injury for one party and $300,000 for all parties, and also $25,000 for property damage.

The Budget Truck Rental insurance cost is higher for supplemental liability. Its daily cost is $21 and $147 for weekly costs. The coverage may go up to $1 million for both bodily injury and property damage liability. When you choose liability insurance, you have to choose the price and your needed type of insurance.

However, if you have more budget allowance, you may want to add more coverage into the insurance policy. Budget Truck Rental provides you physical damage responsibility to protect the rental trucks. Its Budget Truck Rental insurance cost varies depending on its protection types.

Physical damage waiver costs you $23 for daily and $161 for weekly. It gives protection against loss and physical damage to the vehicle triggered by any causes. Limited Damage waiver can be a good option to add.

It costs you only $17 per day or $119 per week. Damage waiver is also available, where its costs are $13 per day and $91 per week. It gives limitation the financial responsibility for physical damage where vandalism and theft are included.

Tips to Choose Insurance Costs

It may not be easy to purchase insurance, including this one. So, when you plan to include this insurance, make sure you read all the details description of each coverage. Even though it protects the trucks and covers the bodily injury and property damage, the Budget Truck Rental Insurance cost you pay and coverage you choose have several exclusions.

Even, we can say that the exclusions are quite varied. For instance, curbing the tires will not be protected by any basic liability insurance. Some people may not know about this. That is why they complain about this. To prevent you from this situation, reading the details of the coverage is highly needed.

There are two choices available. Whether you pay weekly or daily, you can suit it to how long you will rent the trucks or how long the travel will last. Finally, you can get your needed Budget Truck Rental Insurance cost.