Why You Need Non Owners Auto Insurance while Driving Your Friend’s Car

Non owners auto insurance – When you decide to borrow your friend’s or relative’s car and drive on the road, you do not have to do this without non owners auto insurance even if the fact that the car does not belong to you and has been insured by its owner. A lot of people my neglect this insurance, but once they have a serious car accident and the liability coverage of the insured car does not cover, those car-borrowing people have to spend a lot of money.

Why You Need Non Owners Auto Insurance while Driving Your Friend’s Car
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Rented car also need auto insurance for non owners. Basically, this type of insurance is less expensive than standard auto insurance for car owners since the car is only used for particular occasion in a short term. Typically, you need to pay almost $200 up to $300 for the insurance policies.

Some factors will be taken into account to decide your premiums amount. Regardless of that, there are some benefits you can take from non owners auto insurance. Let’s see this below!

Benefits of Non-Owners Car Insurance

The primary benefit of this insurance is to give you protection even if you are not the owner of the car. We do not know what will happen on the road. With high possibility for someone to get a car accident, it is essential to get you covered.

However, the minimum protection does not include the car repaints of the borrowed or rented car. It only covers both bodily injury and property damage as the basic liability coverage. Sometimes, some insurance companies also include uninsured/underinsured injury coverage provided with the non-owner’s policy.

Car rental companies will charge you a lot of money for the insurance, but if you often rent a car, non-owners car insurance enables you to cut the cost from time to time.

However, you may have to consider purchasing collision coverage waiver in order that the car repairs can be covered for the rented car in case you really have a car accident.

How to Purchase Non-Owners Car Insurance Polices

Since you now know the benefits of non owners auto insurance, it is the time for you to get educated regarding with purchasing this insurance.

Primarily, you cannot just grab one of the available companies to get insurance policies. You have to begin with deciding the liability coverage. Is the minimum coverage sufficient for you? Or, you have to consider buying the optional coverage?

If the minimum liability has been enough, you will be covered for bodily injury and property damage, but if you want collision coverage, the premiums will be more expensive.

It is not rare that optional coverage is needed, so purchasing non owners auto insurance has to be done more carefully if you want to save money by getting lower premiums.

The best method to get the best premium is by comparing quotes. Another best thing is that you can do this online since insurance companies provide official websites can can be accessed by anyone. By getting quotes from several different companies, you will be able to compare them and decide which company offers the lower premiums.

When you are comparing quotes of non owners auto insurance, you should stick to the lowest premium. May be, it is offered in the lowest premium because it only covers the minimum liability. Thus, you need to get the best coverage also that is slightly higher than the minimum liability coverage.

How many quotes do you have to compare? There is no specific number on that, but the more quotes you can compare, the better premium and coverage you will get.

If you can carefully select non owners auto insurance from a lot of insurance companies, surely, you will get what you want. Driving on the road with rented car or your friend’s car will be equally safe to your own car.